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My Lego Creations: Minifigures

I've been into Lego for a long, long time. Over the years I have created a bunch of custom Lego minifigures by switching parts around and developing a little story to go along with them. Today I'd like to show you some of the custom figures I have made for a little story I've concocted.

Me, about 28 years ago building
my first Lego set.
But first, a bit of history.

I remember when I first got into Lego. I was given a Lego set one Easter morning from the Magnetron set. It was called the Particle Ionizer, and I actually remember sitting on the floor and building it. I was immediately hooked. I soon began getting Lego sets from the castle line, and the earliest set I remember getting from that was the Black Monarch's Ghost from Toys "R" Us. It was a very small set, but it just fueled the fire.

Around this time, my friend Matt [Twitter] was also getting into Lego. One night I was at Matt's house and he was telling me about a book store he went to. He went on to tell me about the guy who owned it who was named Maurel. He even had a voice for Maurel and told me, in Maurel's voice, that he sold "paperback books and stuff." He then grabbed one of the Lego pirates with the striped shirt and head wrap and declared it to be Maurel. I had no idea that I would still be developing stories about Maurel almost 28 years later.

Around that time, I too had those same pirate sets, so I had a little Maurel figure of my own. I also had a red version that I said was "Mega Maurel." I built little playsets out of spare bricks I had or from sets I didn't really care for that much and I played in the world of Maurel.

Old Maurels. Regular Maurel (Blue)
and Mega Maurel (Red).
Eventually I put my Lego bricks away and forgot about Maurel for a while. Then around 2008 I got them out again and started tinkering around with them. I started thinking about Maurel again and I actually developed a story about him and redesigned the character. The thing that has remained constant about him is his head wrap. After redesigning Maurel, I then created a team for him. He was the leader, and I made a cast of characters to join him on his adventures. Then I made a bad guy team called the B.A.D.S. I really liked the simplicity of the name. They're the bad guys, so they're the B.A.D.S. The acronym didn't stand for anything; I just thought it was a cheesy name. It was easy to remember and didn't take itself too seriously. I also made vehicles for everyone, but I'll save that for another article.

By the end of it, I had the beginnings of a dumb little story. Since that time, I have created a number of figures for Maurel, the B.A.D.S., and the the SuperUNnaturals, who were otherworldly characters that didn't fit in with the two main groups. There's a story that goes along with it, but you're not here to read that right now. You're here to see Lego minifigures! So let's go!

Team Maurel

Heroic leader!

Proprietor of Maurel's Paperback Books & Stuff. Has enhanced agility, speed, stamina, and strength augmented by reading the text on an ancient scroll. His hair has prematurely turned white due to the process.

Weapon: Purple beam saber and pulse rifle

Ex-police officer and negotiator!

Specialty in heavy artillery and explosives. Has the ability to get people to reveal the truth by asking them the right questions and catching them in lies or half-truths. His stoic demeanor makes him difficult for people to read which he uses to his advantage when negotiating.

Weapon: Heavy cannon and dynamite bundle

Heroic master of weapons!

Weapons specialist who develops all the armaments used by Team Maurel. Genius level intellect and arguably the most important member of the team, for without Eve, they would be defenseless.

Weapon: Machine gun and blaster pistol

Hi-tech genius!

Technical equipment specialist with a knack for problem solving. Can figure out how to use or fix any kind of electronic device with very little effort. The workings of technology just come naturally to him.

Weapon: Chaingun

Loose cannon with a devil-may-care attitude!

Hand to hand weapon specialist. The blade he carries collapses into the handle for easy transport. Wildman has never actually revealed his name to the rest of the team. All they know is that he's a wild card and totally unpredictable.

Weapon: Slam Cannon and shear blade

Gifted mechanic and operator!

Develops and builds all the vehicles piloted by Team Maurel. If the team needs a new ride or repairs done to their ships, you can bet Aria will be there to service them. She is also Eve's mother and taught her everything she knows about weapon construction.

Weapon: Work wrench

Maurel Bot
Robotic automatons designed for combat!

They're the front line that takes on the bad guys. Co-designed by both Aria and Eve, these robots are expendable and help keep the rest of Team Maurel out of harm's way. Their body parts can easily be repurposed to create more Maurel Bots.

Weapon: Blaster rifle

Elite Maurel Bot
Robotic automatons designed for INTENSE combat!

The heavy hitters of the Maurel Bots. These automatons use heavy plasma cannon weapons and will get the job done when regular Maurel Bots can't. Unlike regular bots, the Elite bots have a built in self destruct feature which can be remotely detonated if one gets behind enemy lines.

Weapon: Double barrel plasma cannon

The B.A.D.S.

Evil leader of the B.A.D.S.!

Had an accident with a chainsaw at a very young age which left his face scarred and disfigured. As such, he uses a chainsaw as his primary weapon as he has experienced first hand how devastating its ripping effects can be. Tactical genius and born leader.

Weapon: Chainsaw

Mean girl who has some bad ideas!

Carmella is actually Scarr's sister, though this fact has never been brought up with the rest of the crew. She is naturally acrobatic and is skilled in martial arts. She became a master of staff wielding and her training has allowed her to spin her laser pike around with unbridled proficiency.

Weapon: Laser pike

Smash, bash, and... Crash!

Possesses incredible brute strength and carries a HUGE hammer. Has low intelligence, but it doesn't take much intelligence to swing a hammer. The bruiser of the group. Typically doesn't take direction very well and is therefore relegated to directions like, "Just beat them up."

Weapon: Sledgehammer

The Doctor
Evil weapons creator with a keen eye for destruction!

The Eve of the group in that he is the one who creates all the weapons. Prefers not to fight but will if he has to with his modified cattle prod capable of delivering a devastating amount of volts. Doesn't wear ability augmenting armor like the rest of the crew because he'd rather tinker around with the weapons than use them.

Weapon: Modified cattle prod

Street tough punk who doesn't believe in the law!

Cracks skulls with his tonfa and annihilates his enemies with his blaster rifle. Has a history with Anderson that predates the formation of Team Maurel and the B.A.D.S. He's not a well-liked member of the crew and frequently clashes with them, especially Tex who he seems to have a genuine hatred for.

Weapon: Tonfa and blaster rifle

Texas tough guy with a bad attitude!

Cracks the whip like a pro and is a dead eye with his blaster pistol. Lost his eye in an unfortunate accident with his own whip. Tex doesn't have much to say and typically keeps to himself, but he's gifted with leadership qualities that occasionally shine through. If there were a second in command of the B.A.D.S., it would be Tex.

Weapon: Blaster pistol and whip

B.A.D.B.O.T. (Brutal Automation Designed to Break and Obliterate Targets)
Evil robotic monster!

Created by the Doctor specifically for instigating chaos. Unlike the Maurel Bots, there is only one B.A.D.B.O.T. It can easily lift 10 tons with minimal effort. Rarely misses its target with its special ruby lens scope which is tied in directly with its eyes for deadly precision firing. It is speculated that the skeleton of an ex-member of The B.A.D.S. is actually at the core of the B.A.D.B.O.T., though this has never been confirmed... nor denied... by the Doctor.

Weapon: Pulse rifle with ruby lens scope

The SuperUNnaturals

Supreme overlord of the SuperUNnaturals!

His body is composed entirely of hellfire and he has to wear a special suit to contain the intense blaze. Can manifest blades of concentrated hellfire from his hands to wield as deadly weapons. Far and away the most powerful being of the SuperUNnaturals.

Weapon: Flame blades

Falcata, the First Through
Lava entity from the Hellscape!

She was the first SuperUNnatural to come through the portal and make it possible for the others to follow. She is second in command behind Inferno and she will do whatever it takes to summon him. Carries a mean, heavy blade.

Weapon: Falchion

Bipedal gator gladiator!

Carries two serrated saws which clamp down on his foes like an alligator's bite. An exiled member of a tribe of alligator people, Allagarta means business when it comes to combat. The weapons he carries are absolutely devastating if they make contact with you. If you engage him in combat, you'd better hope he doesn't land a single hit.

Weapon: Serrated saw blades

Bone Lord
Evil skeleton riding a skeletal horse!

Wears a tattered cloak and ushers souls to the underworld. Superstition tells that seeing the Bone Lord means great misfortune is heading your way.

Weapon: Ebony spear

Bizarre ax-wielding being with an appetite for scares!

Lives inside old barns and tries to lure children with sweets. Can be summoned by saying his name three times while looking into a darkened mirror, though it certainly means death for the person foolish enough to attempt this.

Weapon: Twin axes

Dead Gentleman
Re-animated dead bloke from London!

Carries a large bone cane and wears the same bowler hat he was wearing when he died. Isn't necessarily evil but will pick fights when intoxicated. Searches constantly for his lost wife, who he is not certain is alive or dead.

Weapon: Bone cane

Literal Grim Reaper!

Enormous demon wings adorn his back, and he carries a large golden razor sharp scythe. Wears the same ancient armor the Dragon Society disciples wore that originally summoned Endbringer, the Tyrant Dragon. In fact, he IS one of the disciples!

Weapon: Scythe

Dirt Devil
A mischievous creature who dwells in the dirtiest places!

Plants wither in his presence, and the smell which emanates from his body can only be described as the putrid scent of decay. Carries a curved blade which he uses to decapitate those who foolishly attempt to cross him.

Weapon: Sickle sword

Dread Specter
Ghastly apparition from the dankest crypts!

Patrols graveyards and attempts to drag those who visit them after darkness falls to the abyss. Some say he was once a groundskeeper. Others say he was an executioner. One thing is for sure, though: You don't want to encounter him!

Weapon: Executioner's axe

Long dead king's jester who revels in foolishness!

His presence affects the minds of people and tricks them into doing foolish things. Those under his influence experience a Pied Piper-like effect and follow him wherever he goes. Eventually those affected by him drift into insanity.

Weapon: Bone

Ice Lord
Chilled entity from the frozen wastes!

So cold not even hellfire can melt his icy form. Carries a spear which is so cold it can harm you if you even touch it. Is the living embodiment of ice. The yin to Inferno's yang. Exceptionally powerful being.

Weapon: Ice spear

Ghostface Killer
Murderous cranial specter!

Only his head is a ghost; his body still lives! Murderer who died but was brought back to life very soon after death. Carries the same knife he used to kill people with. Possesses knowledge of the afterlife due to his head being trapped in the spirit world.

Weapon: Hunting knife

Goblin King
Unequivocal leader of the goblin tribes!

Carries an imposing sword he uses to dispatch his foes. Wears magical armor from a slain human king that increases his strength by almost double. Has an intense hatred for humans and will fight them without thought to the consequences.

Weapon: Scimitar

Happy Jack
Jovial skeleton with some killer dance moves!

Re-animated skeleton brought to life by the same magic top hat originally used to bring Frosty the Snowman to life. Dances around without rhyme or reason and carries a black dance cane. Friendly spirit, not evil. Removing his hat disables him, though who would want to?

Weapon: Dance cane

King Cobra
Ruler of all snakes!

Has a staff with a magical emerald set in the tip that allows him to command all snakes telepathically to do his bidding. Also has a shield with two spikes on the bottom that he slams down on his foes leaving wounds that resemble a snake bite.

Weapon: Serpent staff and snake shield

Lord of the Deep
Cthulhu-like being from the deepest reaches of the ocean!

In the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean, the Lord of the Deep resides. Occasionally rising to the surface to wreak havoc on humanity, the Lord of the Deep is a bringer of death and destruction.

Weapon: Golden trident

Pharaoh King
Supernatural entity from Egypt!

Re-animated corpse that uses the supreme magic of the pyramids. Uses an ax staff with two magical gems representing the sun (a carnelian) and the moon (a sapphire). Full of vengeance and ill-will!

Weapon: Ax staff

Red Devil
Crimson cloaked demon from the Hellscape!

Uses a staff of energy to defeat his foes. Acrobatic and hard to hit. Never speaks or makes a single sound. A fierce fighter and high ranking among the SuperUNnaturals.

Weapon: Energy staff

Spectral Fancy Man
Otherworldly gentleman!

Lost his face and identity and wanders aimlessly around the plane of Limbo. Always shrouded in darkness. Wears a beautiful purple suit and cape and carries a golden cane. The jewel in the top of the cane is a citrine which carries the power of the sun.

Weapon: Golden cane

Spirit of Halloween
The very embodiment of Halloween!

The carved pumpkin which sits atop the scarecrow body burns with an ever-present flame. Unlike normal scarecrows, the straw-filled body of the Spirit of Halloween is immune to fire! If he kills you, your spirit is added to his own and his power increases. Possesses all knowledge and abilities of those he has slain.

Weapon: Pitchfork

And that's the cast of characters!

As for the story, I'm putting this at the bottom of the article because I realize this is the part that the least amount of people will care about. No one cares about reading an outline of a little story involving Lego minifigures that I made up. So if you actually do care about reading the story line behind this, then this part is for you. All one of you.

The Story

The story of Maurel begins in medieval times. A crazed warlock from the Dragon Society becomes obsessed with summoning a vicious dragon named Endbringer to bring about the end of the world. He has two knight disciples who are tasked with protecting him. The warlock comes into possession of an ancient scroll which reveals a way to open a portal to the Hellscape and call forth the elder dragon. After reading the words upon the parchment, he then began to set his plan into motion.

Hearing of what was happening, the king called for the most powerful warrior in the land to stop the ritual from taking place. The warrior arrived just in time to see the flickering shape of the dragon emerging from the portal. He defeated the two disciples and stopped the warlock from completing the incantation, and in doing so, trapped the essence of the dragon inside a brilliant blue crystal. With the warlock defeated and the dragon sealed away, the king decreed for the scroll to be hidden where it could never be used again. Or at least, that's what was supposed to happen.

In modern day, where a man named Maurel owns a book store. Within the pages of an old book he acquired he found the ancient scroll which, when read, gave Maurel enhanced abilities. The scroll also gave Maurel the necessary knowledge to summon the dragon, but being heroic and not evil, he chose to instead use his new powers to keep the scroll from falling into the wrong hands. He then assembled a team of people to help him with this task.

A group of unsavory individuals calling themselves the B.A.D.S. learned of the existence of the scroll and what it was capable of doing, so their leader, Scarr, made it his mission to obtain it. Scarr and his crew of wrongdoers clashed with Maurel time and time again, but while this was happening, a more powerful force was getting ready to make an appearance.

From a rift came Falcata, the second in command of the SuperUNnaturals. She was able to mind control the Doctor and persuaded him to assist in the creation a portal which was connected directly to the Hellscape. Once the portal was completed and opened, creatures from the Hellscape began to enter the world. The presence of these creatures weakened the crystal which contained the tyrant dragon Endbringer. When enough creatures entered through the portal, the crystal cracked and Endbringer appeared once again to cause untold levels of chaos.

Once the dragon appeared, only the spear of the legendary Golden Valkyrie could penetrate its crimson hide. It was written within the scroll that she would appear once the dragon was summoned, but would she arrive in time? If she did, it was up to Maurel and his team to keep the B.A.D.S. and the SuperUNnaturals from interfering with her task.

And that's the basic story and the end of this feature! I plan on doing a follow-up to this article with pictures of the vehicles and other things I have built. For now, though, I thought I would just do the custom minifigures. I hope you enjoyed seeing them. Until next time!

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