Monday, March 5, 2018

Comic Haul 3/5 - Big Pun Run

I didn't even give you time to recover from that 100th post before I did another comic haul. It's okay, though. This one is relatively short.

I was going to say I usually do these on Sunday, but going back and looking, that seems to not be the case. Anyway.

Last Sunday a friend of mine from work sent me a text of himself holding a boxed Spider-Gwen Marvel Legends figure. He asked me if I ever found one as he knows I'm a (fake) fan. I spent the last half of my comic convention season last year looking for one and I never found it. He also sent me a picture of this comic. When I got to work the next day, he handed me a sack with both items in it and said happy birthday. I offered to pay him for the figure, but he wasn't having it.

A few short days ago I was talking about how I might as well get the issues of the Harley Quinn Rebirth series that don't have Frank Cho covers since I have everything else. Well, all except one. Anyway, I grabbed the issues I needed to complete the run up to the current issue, minus the one variant I'm missing.

I saw this issue of Justice League of America at my local comic shop Campus Comics but a friend of mine nabbed it before I could get it. I ended up buying it along with a variant cover of the same issue online for less than $2.00 each. I like the first cover more than the second, but I felt I needed it anyway.

Also at my local comic shop were a few issues of the Frank Miller Daredevil run. I bought three issues there and four issues online at My Comic Shop. I want to get this entire run over the course of the summer, but a few of the issues aren't going to come cheap. The first appearance of Elektra is in there and it goes for a decent amount. The first issue Frank Miller did on the run is a bit pricey, too. If I don't go wild getting them all at once it shouldn't be that bad.

The final issue of the Bettie Page series was released, so I ordered that as well. Honestly, if these didn't have Joseph Michael Linser covers I wouldn't have even paid any attention to the book. But it's over now, so I don't have to worry about finding the issues I need or keeping up with it.

I like to buy an issue or two of Wizard Magazine when I make an online order. I bought this issue because for some reason I was missing it. I'm only missing two issues before #10 and I now have everything up to I think #35. I don't know what the cutoff point will be for me. Maybe the point where I knew I was out of comics and wouldn't have been buying the magazine. Because remember, I have gotten out of comics in the past a few times only to get pulled back in.

Here's something I never considered I'd have. Someone sold this collection to my local comic shop and I bought the entire thing. I already had issue #1, but who wouldn't want to have more than one copy of the first issue of Punisher? Also in this run is the first appearance of Microchip who was a big player in the Punisher Netflix series.

I remember when I was a kid someone who used to work at the comic shop told my parents that the first issue of Punisher was going to be worth a lot of money in the future because it says it's "#1 first issue of an unlimited series." I guess they thought that meant the series would never end. Well, it did. It ended in July of 1995 with the 104th issue. The first issue is about a $30 book, though. So it is worth something. Just... not a whole lot.

I wrote a whole article about this mess. Well, I bought it. It's almost worse in person. I really have nothing to say about it that I haven't already said. I bought it because it's awful.

Not a lot to show this week. Probably won't be much next week, either.

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