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Comic Haul 6/10: Superman Celebration

Pano image from Superman Celebration Twitter

It's a celebration of all things Superman in Metropolis Illinois! Celebrity guests including Dean Cain and James Marsters were there as well as many artists and writers in artist's alley. Artists and writers including two who are involved in a little indie book about a character named Harley Quinn. You've probably never heard of her.

Obama poses with Superman!
Though the Superman Celebration is nothing new, I have personally never been to it before. Up until now, I have always passed on any opportunity to go because I have never really been all that into DC comics. Today, however, I am a fan of two things DC: Power Girl and Harley Quinn. In fact, Power Girl is the first DC character I regularly read comics of. Harley Quinn is another character I enjoy. I have amassed a decent collection of Harley Quinn merchandise including boxed figures, statues, and Pop Vinyls. Something that both of these characters have in common, other than both being DC characters, is Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Guess who was at the Superman Celebration this year...

Them being at the event was the main draw for me. Had they not been there, I might have felt okay if I had to miss it for some reason. The day before the event I saw a tweet that said due to travel Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti would be late arriving to the event. This really bummed me out, because I was worried that they wouldn't be at the Superman Celebration when I was. Everything worked out fine however because they were both there when my good friend Dan Brown [Twitter | Blog] and myself entered artist's alley where their table was.

If you have ever wondered about these two, I want to tell you that they are extremely friendly, likable, approachable, and genuine people. Both of them were all smiles the entire time I was in line. They took time to engage in conversation with each guest and didn't rush anyone along, including the guy I saw who laid down a stack of about 12 comics for Jimmy to sign. If Jimmy was put off by this person with their, in my opinion, rude and inconsiderate request, he didn't show it. I feel that if you're going to meet an artist or a writer, just take one or two things with you to get signed.

I saw a young girl in line in front of me dressed in the jester outfit Harley. The costume was very good and she had a big mallet and everything. Amanda Conner was sweet as could be and complimented her outfit and got her picture taken with her. You could hear the girl's voice tremble as she thanked Amanda, and it's like, this girl is getting to meet two folks who draw and write her favorite character. You could tell it really meant a lot to the young fan. It was really something.


Recent Purchases

Clearly I got something signed by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. I picked out and ordered from Amazon of all places a 4th print sketch variant Harley Quinn #1. I thought it would be a nice comic to get signed because a signature would show up very well on it. Spoiler alert: I was right. I brought that comic with me as well as my copy of Power Girl #1, which was the first DC comic I bought after being 100% Marvel for years. They graciously signed both of my comics and made my day.

I also bought this cute print from Amanda Conner which she signed right there in front of me. I like the colors on this one and I really like the bear. She had other prints there as well, but I thought this one was cute and it would look good on the wall in a frame.

Also at the celebration was a mini comic convention. A lot of familiar faces were there selling their wares like the good folks of Burg Comics. Another vendor, however, had a table set up right as I entered the building and this little figure caught my eye. This is the first action figure of Harley Quinn ever produced. It didn't have a price tag on it, so out of curiosity I asked how much it was. The man selling it said it was $20, and the money couldn't have left my wallet any faster. I was really expecting it to be at least twice that. I might have even paid $40 for it had that been the price, too. It's pretty historical, in my opinion.

Further inside I found a vendor who... well, it's like he set up shop just for me. I have been trying to find all the red carded Star Wars Power of the Force figures recently. I still had nine of them from when I was a kid, then I recently picked up six more between Cape Con and a new shop located about an hour away called The Toy Bomb. The guy at the Superman Celebration had some red card figures, and every red card figure he had was one I needed. I walked away with eight of them, all for $5 each! I have almost all of them now.

Once we finished up at the Superman Celebration, Dan and I headed to TGI Fridays to eat. We stopped at a nearby Books a Million and I found this Captain Marvel comic. It's a Fried Pie variant, which was something I was unfamiliar with up until seeing it in the store. Being the Ms. Marvel fan that I am, I had to have it because it shows all her different costumes. Fun fact about that: I own the first appearance of every one of the costumes shown on this cover.

We then went to a comic shop relatively close by called Crash Comics. I had been there once before, but it was years ago. I ended up getting a lot of stuff from this store. The first thing I saw when I walked in was this Spider-Gwen Gallery statue. This is the unmasked variant, which I had never seen before. It's apparently a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, which is why I guess I had never seen it before, but it was the same price as the regular masked version. When it comes to Spider-Gwen, I prefer to see her face rather than her have the mask on. The Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue I recently bought has interchangeable heads, but I only use the unmasked head.

Then I started going through some boxes he had under the tables and found these three issues of Marvel Tales I needed. Well, I needed two of them. The one in the middle with Wolverine on it I needed to replace the copy I already had. My original copy was given to me by a friend years ago and it's being held together with staples and tape.

Making my way around the table searching through boxes yielded this find. I already had the first issue so I didn't pick that up, but I got almost every issue from #2 to #15 of the Jim Balent Catwoman series. I really like Jim Balent's art... for obvious reasons.

I was a teen boy when this was popular! Give me a break!

Near the Catwoman comics were a few issues of Danger Girl. This is something that I've been considering buying for a while but have never pulled the trigger on. I can easily get the rest off the issues on My Comic Shop. This series is one I have been interested in but know next to nothing about. I guess I don't really have much else to say about it!

But the Superman Celebration wasn't the only batch of things I got this week! I did receive a My Comic Shop order late last week that had some decent things in it. I held off on posting anything about it until now because I was saving it for this. That or I was just lazy.

First up is this lot of Vault of Horror and Haunt of Fear comics. I have had a bunch of these on my wishlist for the longest time but I keep putting them off to buy key issues. I saw My Comic Shop had a few issues of Wizard Magazine on there for sale that I had been wanting, so I made an emergency purchase one night and picked up some things to fill out the rest of my cart. These six books were part of that. I really love these comics and I know one day I'll have them all!

In my Free Comic Book Day article I mentioned that I picked up a Rob Porter [Twitter | Deviantart ] Street Fighter comic. Well, a new comic with a Rob Porter cover came out, so I had to buy it, too! This is his cover to Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #1. When all the covers are released you'll be able to put them in a row and make one large picture. Each cover has gender-bent versions of familiar characters, so for instance on one of the covers is a female Blanka, a female M. Bison, a female Vega, and so on. I really love his art so I'm going to be sure to get all of his work.

I really like this JSA Classified #2 variant with the Adam Hughes art. I actually have the Adam Hughes variant cover to the first issue in a frame on my wall. There are a few variants for these early Power Girl issues of JSA Classified that I don't have. Perhaps I should get the rest of them...

With these three issues of Uncanny X-Men I might now have all the Jim Lee issues. I'll have to double check, but I'm pretty sure I own them all now. Collecting the entire Jim Lee run was fairly cheap as it's 90s X-Men and the issues were all printed in exceptional quantities. There were only a few that I paid much for at all, including #256 which is the first ninja Psyclocke and #268 which has Captain America, Black Widow, and Wolverine on the cover.

Finally, when I was a kid I had two of these four issues of the second Dark Horse Aliens series. I had issues #2 and #4 for some reason, but not the others. I've considered buying the first series as well, but the first issue in a first print isn't cheap. It's a little more than I would want to spend on something I don't have any nostalgic ties to.

And that's it! I think I had a very successful week when it comes to comics and toys. I was thrilled to meet and get signatures from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti at the Superman Celebration, I got some good cheap comics the same day at Crash Comics, and the books I ordered from My Comic Shop were perfect and brought me closer to completing some sets.

Until next time!

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