Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DOOMsday: Week 3

More Doom levels for your enjoyment today! Neither one will blow you away, but they're nice little levels to try out.

Level Name: shooptag.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: Yes

This level is a capture the flag type level for two players. Normally levels like this would have more players, but when I made it, I didn't have the ability to have more than two at a time. I made this level to work around that fact by having it where you only had enough time to raise your post once before you had to get out. In the end, it's not a very good level, but I tried!

Download Shooptag! Level

Electric Blue
Level Name: elecblue.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: No

In this level, you are a night watch at a water treatment plant. That's about the only story there is to it! Almost every texture in this level is blue. I find the atmosphere in this level quite relaxing. I remember working on this level while WCW Nitro was on in the background, so that means that this level was made in 1998. I told you some of these were many years old!

And I just now realized both of the levels posted this week have the same music in them. That was not deliberate. Huh.

Download Electric Blue Level

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