Laser Time Podcast
Hub area of the Laser Time Network of friends, here you'll have access to all the fantastic podcasts they do. Shows are hosted by or feature Chris Antista, Brett Elston, Henry Gilbert, Michael Grimm, and Mikel Reparaz. Fantastic shows that are highly entertaining and not to be missed.

Lost Decade Games
From their website: "Lost Decade Games is an award-winning independent game company founded by Geoff Blair and Matt Hackett in 2010." Matt is a good friend of mine, and without his wisdom and input, you wouldn't be looking at my site right now. I'm very proud of Matt and his accomplishments.

Video game music podcast hosted by my good friend Brett Elston. If you like video game music (and you really should, you jerk) you'll totally love this podcast. Brett has a love and appreciation for great video game music that is impressive and admirable. I have known Brett pretty much my entire life, and it's so amazing to me to see where life has taken him.