Friday, July 12, 2019

Comic Haul 6/8 - Superman Celebration 2019

Last year this went up late, too. Not as late as this one. This one is going up over a month late because work has been especially awful lately and I haven't been motivated to do much of anything except lay on the couch and watch YouTube videos.

So what did I get? Let's find out.

Due to the way I took the pictures and the fact that this took place so long ago now that I can't remember the exact details of the day, this comic haul is a little different. I have a few pictures of everything and I'll briefly talk about what's in those pictures. Which I guess is how this usually goes, but it just feels different this time. Anyway...

After this trip, I have almost every issue of Marvel Comics Presents that I'm after. I'm missing four issues, so they may or may not turn up this year at cons. If they don't by the end of the convention season, I'll probably just buy them online. These issues all came from Crash Comics in Paducah, KY. They were a bit more expensive than what I'm used to paying for this series, but I grabbed them anyway.

Picked up these various issues of Uncanny X-Men from various vendors at the con and from Crash Comics. I can't remember which ones came from where, but the bulk of them were from a vendor at the con. All the issues I bought from them were $2 to $4 each, which I think is pretty good for these particular issues. There's no rhyme or reason for why I chose what I did. I just like this era of X-Men.

These are books I was thrilled to get. Now these I know I bought from Scott Reed of Burg Comics. They were sold in a bundle and they're not in the best shape, but they're definitely serviceable. The first issue was the most haggard, but fortunately I already had the first issue in my collection. The rest of them were in much better shape, and the total for all four books was $50. Usually I see each individual issue for at least $30 to $40, so getting the entire set for $50 was a no-brainer.

Here's the random stuff I bought from the con and from the comic shops we went to. The X-23 books and the Linsner Vampirella comic came from Crash Comics. The lenticular Spider-Man and Avengers #183 (first Ms. Marvel on Avengers) came from Scott Reed's table. The Angela comic was $1 at Infinite Collectibles, also in Paducah, KY. Finally, the GameStop variant Spider-Gwen and the Wal-Mart variant Captain Marvel came from a vendor I have never encountered before at the Superman Celebration.

Last, I got this incredible little Harley Quinn snow globe from Infinite Collectibles. It was a bit pricey, but a friend of mine gave me some cash to soften the blow.

And that's all I have to say about this trip! Coming up next is the ToyMan Show, which is honestly the only reason I even remembered to post this comic haul at all.

Sorry I seem so unenthused about this haul. I'm just kind of... I don't know... not with it right now.

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