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My Statuesque Statues

Over the past few months I have bought several statues. I already had a decent collection before then, but it's about to the point where I'm out of room to display them all. After acquiring so many, I thought I would share them all with you today. This is my current collection of statues. Spoiler alert: They're all women.

I'm breaking the collection up into three tiers based off of how much I paid for them or their overall quality. Please understand that just because something is in the low tier doesn't mean it's a bad statue, it's just one that wasn't all that expensive. I don't have any statues that I think are "bad," after all.

Top-Tier Statues

Black Cat Statue

Three or four years ago I went into my local comic shop Campus Comics and bought a statue of the Spider-Man character Black Cat. I had seen it in the store for a while and never asked about it because 1) Things like that typically used to not be for sale, and 2) If it was for sale, it would probably cost a fortune. The store was under new ownership, however, and the statue was definitely for sale. After paying a price I deemed extremely reasonable, Black Cat came home with me.

This is the first real statue I ever bought. I had a few bust statues before that I'll talk about in a bit, but I didn't own anything on this scale. It sat on top of my video game shelf for the longest time, alone. Soon the statue collecting bug would bite and, well, you're about to see what happened after that.

Catwoman Bombshell Statue

This one was expensive, but it was totally worth it. I love this design, and I even have a poster of it framed on my living room wall. The bombshell character designs really speak to me because I really like classic pin-up style art and fashion.

The Catwoman statue here is one of my more recent purchases. I had seen it sitting on the shelf at Campus Comics for the longest time but I was too afraid to ask how much it was. When I saw that Funko was putting out a Pop of this character design mid-December, I thought I would end up regretting not buying this statue to go with it. As I said, it was expensive, but clearly it wasn't too expensive, because it's sitting with my other statues right now.
DC Collectibles Designer Series Harley Quinn Statue

This is a great statue based off of Harley's appearance from the Batman animated series. There is a small version of this statue in black and white, but I haven't picked that one up yet. I plan on getting all of the black and white statues as well as all of the black, white, and red ones.

These statues are extremely well priced for how big they are. You'd think a statue of this size and quality would run you at least $200, but it's not even close to that.

The colors are so great on this piece. I love it. And you really can't go wrong with the jester outfit Harley Quinn.
DC Collectibles Designer Series Starfire Statue

I honestly don't know anything about the character Starfire, but I know that this statue looks incredible. It's based off of Amanda Conner art from Starfire #1. A relatively new friend of mine I met through my local comic shop named Tyler highly recommended the Starfire series. I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet, though.

My friend and my local comic shop owner Mike had this in his store a while back, but I believe he sold it at a convention over the summer. He recently ordered another one and I figured Tyler would buy it when he saw it again, but he ended up passing on it and I scooped it up.

I hope they continue making statues of this scale and quality. There are some other characters I would like to see get this treatment *cough Power Girl* but so far I haven't seen many others. The Wonder Woman one based off of Frank Cho art is pretty nice, however...

Emma Frost Statue

This is a statue that I didn't even know was at my local comic shop until my friend Dan unearthed it in the back room. I saw it sitting up on the shelf after he had just reorganized the statues and it immediately got my attention. It's a very high quality piece. It's heavy, too.

Emma Frost is one of those characters who is always wearing the skimpiest outfits. This statue continues that tradition with a barely there top, booty shorts, and thigh high boots.

There's apparently another version of this where she's wearing a bit more. Just a bit.

Harley Quinn Deluxe Bombshell Statue

Speaking of high quality pieces, this one here is one of my favorites. I really like the art this statue is based on, and it's somehow more affordable than the original Harley bombshell statue that came out years ago, even though it's quite a bit bigger.

This is easily one of the best looking statues I own. The detailing on it is out of control.
Ms. Marvel Statue

If you have ever read my comic haul articles (which will be returning soon) you might have read that I am a fan of the Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. This statue is one of the first ones I bought when I got into buying statues, and it's definitely one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure this one is the biggest statue I own, too.

I'm hoping when the Captain Marvel movie comes out that there is an increase of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel merchandise, including statues. I'm sure there will be something. Right now, however, merchandise of the character is pretty scarce. I'm glad I own this one because this is my favorite costume Carol Danvers has worn over the years.

Spider-Gwen Statue

I somewhat recently got into collecting Spider-Gwen merchandise, but only merchandise where she is unmasked. In fact, in the beginning of October I wrote a piece on how I'm a fake Spider-Gwen fan. I didn't actually own this statue when I wrote that article, though.

I had seen this one before at conventions over the summer, but when you're at a convention you don't really want to spend a lot of your money on one thing. I passed on it every time I encountered it. However, I found it online from Jetpack Comics and it was being sold for a ridiculously low price.

This is a nice piece and probably the best looking Spider-Gwen statue I own.
Zatanna Bombshell Statue

Zatanna is a character who I am a fan of aesthetically. The bombshell version is pretty great as well. As I mentioned on the Catwoman bombshell entry, I really like classic pin-up art and fashion. This design really checks all the boxes, but also adds a bit of a modern spin on it, too. For example, the tattoo on her chest and the eyebrow piercing.

Much like Starfire, I don't know much of anything about the character. I know I like the design (especially the regular version with the thigh high boots and fishnets) and it's a good looking statue, so that's enough for me.

For the time being, I only own these two bombshell statues. I would like to someday own the Poison Ivy and Black Canary ones, but the price is a bit out of my range. Especially the Poison Ivy one. Ouch.
Mid-Tier Statues

DC Cover Girls Harley Quinn Statue 1

My good friend Jim gave me this statue for my birthday earlier this year. I was blown away by his generosity because he is the original Harley fan between the two of us, and for him to part with this is really something. Especially considering how much this statue costs now.

I love how this statue is shiny, almost like her outfit is vinyl. I would say this is probably the best looking statue I have of the original jester outfit Harley. It doesn't stand out as much as the Designer Series one, but if you really start looking at it close, it's just an all around fantastic piece.
DC Cover Girls Harley Quinn Statue 2

My aforementioned friend Tyler who I met through my local comic shop sold me this statue for a very good price recently. I don't own much of the red and blue Harley Quinn design, so this statue is great if not for the fact that it's different from most of the other statues I own.

I truthfully didn't even know this statue existed until he offered to sell me his.
DC Cover Girls Harley Quinn Statue 3

I bought this at a comic convention last year, and I kind of wish I hadn't bought it when I did because it cost me almost all the money I took with me. However, at that point I wasn't really into comics like I am now, so I probably didn't miss much.

This one is odd because of her pose. The leg being kicked out like it is makes it trickier to position on the shelf and limits where you can put it. You could easily snag yourself on it somehow and drag it off the shelf. And as we all know, statues and gravity don't go together very well.

Besides that, I think it's a really good looking statue. The costume isn't shiny like the first one, but that's not an issue. It's a pretty good size, too. I like this one a lot, and it's probably one of the best statues you can get of the classic jester outfit for the price.
DC Cover Girls Power Girl Statue 1

Another character I'm a fan of is Power Girl. This is one of the early statues I bought from my local comic shop Campus Comics. After Mike took over the shop, things started to be for sale that weren't before. I hesitated to ask about it at first because I didn't know if he would want to break up the set of all the other Cover Girls statues. It turned out that it was for sale (as pretty much everything in the store is now) and that it was extremely affordable.

This is one of my statues that I'm paranoid about it breaking. I feel like her cape is extremely fragile. Not sure why I fear for this one specifically meeting a bad end, but I do.
DC Cover Girls Power Girl Statue 2

This is one that I saw over the summer when I visited my friend Jim for a week. It turned up in a few comic shops we went to, so when I got home I asked Mike if he could order me one, as I would always rather go through him than buy one from Amazon. In the end, Mike was able to order me one and she went right on the shelf with my other statues.

This is from the same series as the third Harley Cover Girls statue listed above. You can tell because the bases are the same. There's also a Catwoman one I plan on buying, but I'll probably wait until after Christmas because it's gotten a little more expensive over the past few months. Hopefully it doesn't go up any more before I buy it.

My only gripe with it is the placement of her hands. She's blocking "the window."
Harley Quinn Bombshell Bust Statue

I don't really do bust statues that often, but I do own some. This is a bust of the bombshell design Harley Quinn. At the time there were only maybe three statues based off of this design. One of them I had, and the other actual full body bombshell version, was quite expensive. There's a holiday version of the full body one that's affordable but... I don't know. I don't really like the holiday versions of the statues. It feels like it would be out of place outside of Christmas, you know?

There are other bust statues I have had my eye on but never bought. There's a Vampirella one, for example. It's nice, but it's pretty expensive. And just for a bust? For the price of the bust statue I would expect it to be a little bigger.
Low-Tier Statues

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn "Paperweight" Statue (SDCC 2016 Exclusive)

I'm not really sure why they call this thing a paperweight, because it's clearly a statue. I didn't know this one was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive until I was researching online what this statue is actually called. Apparently there's another version where she's not wearing the police hat. I think I would rather have that version, to tell you the truth.

Anyway, this statue isn't one of my favorites. Regardless of the tier I put it in, I'm just not really a big fan of this costume. I do think it's neat that the handcuffs dangle off of her finger. It's a separate piece; it's not actually attached to the statue.

Chun-Li Bust Statues

You'd think I'd have more Chun-Li statues considering how much I love her, but Chun-Li statues are few and far between. Additionally, the ones that do exist are incredibly expensive.

I got the pink version first directly from Capcom many years ago, and I picked up the blue one at a comic convention not long ago.
DC Collectibles Black and White Harley Quinn (Amanda Conner)

Mike ordered several of these at the comic shop and I happened to be in the store when they arrived. I think he ordered five, and of the five three of them were broken right out of the box. I thought I should probably go ahead and get one then because if they're that fragile I should get one when I actually have a choice.

As I said earlier, there are other statues in the black and white line, and one day I plan on owning them all. This one is pretty good and probably the best looking one in the line, in my opinion. The design is based off of Amanda Conner's art for Harley Quinn #24.
DC Collectibles Red, White, and Black Harley Quinn (Ant Lucia Bombshell)

This was the first of the small Harley statues I bought. The only problem I have with it is that it looks like she's leaning back. I don't know if it's just my statue or if they're all like that, but it kind of bothers me. It's not a huge deal, though.

This was also the only bombshell version of Harley I had for a while. I don't really have much to say about this one! It's okay!
DC Collectibles Red, White, and Black Harley Quinn (Arkham Asylum)

I love Batman: Arkham Asylum. I also love the Arkham Asylum outfit Harley wore in the game. I don't know how popular the costume is with other people, but it's one of my favorites. Corset, fishnets, boots, nurse outfit... what's not to love?

I can see some people maybe arguing that the costume is too sexy. There's no such thing.
DC Collectibles Red, White, and Black Harley Quinn (Jim Lee)

This one... hm. Well, I said before I don't have any bad statues, and I stand by that. However, this one is probably one of the weaker ones I have, and probably *scrolls through article* yeah, it's my least favorite statue I own.

This statue is tiny. All the statues like this are supposed to be in scale with each other, but this one seems to measure her gun as part of the overall height of the figure. And she's so spindly. I think her mouth is too big as well. The picture on the statue box looks better than it does in person. It kind of makes me wonder if I have a fake.

This still isn't as bad as the GameStop Injustice 2 statue they put out of Harley. On that one her eyes are too close together. I still haven't been able to bring myself to buy that one yet.
DC Collectibles Red, White, and Black Harley Quinn (Terry Dodson)

This one is much better than the previous one. This one doesn't look like a skeleton in a Harley costume. It's based off of Terry and Rachel Dodson's art for the first issue of Harley Quinn's first ongoing series. It's actually some of my favorite Harley art of all time.

I like this statue more than any of the other red, white, and black ones. I really like how the post has her suspended in the air, so she can be in a leaping pose. None of my other statues have anything like that, so that's pretty unique.

These red, white, and black statues are all pretty affordable, so you can assemble a collection for fairly cheap.
Gallery Captain Marvel Statue

Speaking of cheap, Gallery statues are the cheapest. These statues are great for people just getting into statues or for people that want a statue but don't want to pay a lot for one.

I said before that I'm a fan of Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. This one was a definite purchase for me. It's not high-end or stunning, but it's a nice statue of a character I like. And Gallery excels at that. None of their statues look as cheap as they are, so they deserve some credit for that.

If you're looking for an inexpensive but impressive looking Christmas present for a comic fan, check out Gallery statues on Amazon or at your local comic shop. The recipient will love it.
Gallery Spider-Gwen Statue (Unmasked)

I got this statue over the summer during convention season. I bought her because she was a bit, well... thicc.

This is one of the pieces in my unmasked Spider-Gwen collection. It's a Gallery statue, so you already know my opinion on those. You get what you pay for. It's definitely not a bad looking statue, but I honestly feel like the base makes it feel a bit cheap. It feels like a cheap plastic stand an action figure would come with to display them on. On the shelf it looks fine, but if you hold it, not so much. Spider-Gwen herself feels sturdy, though.
Harley Quinn Rebirth Statue (SDCC 2017 Exclusive)

I've had nothing but problems with this statue. To begin, my friend Jim bought this from Think Geek over the summer and the strap on the boombox was broken off. Otherwise I thought it looked like a good statue, so I ordered one online a month or so ago.

The statue arrived fine, but right out of the box I noticed that she had a deep gouge in between her breasts. I took it to Mike at Campus Comics who is pretty adept at fixing statues and painting, and he took care of it as best he could. It definitely wasn't as noticeable after he finished.

Then, after taking this picture an putting her back on the shelf, I noticed that one of her fingers had somehow broken off. I have no idea how it happened. So, eventually I'll take it back to Mike to see if he can repair that damage as well. Maybe... don't buy this one, guys. But it looks good!

Kotobukiya Marvel Now! ARTFX+ Statue

This small little thing was bought on Amazon for dirt cheap.Normally statues like this cost a bit (maybe Gallery prices) but definitely not as cheap as I got this.

Her feet have magnets in them and she sticks to the round base, which is metal. You actually have to assemble the figure, which is a bit odd.
Kotobukiya Bishoujo Black Canary

I believe this was the first Kotobukiya statue I bought, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. Kotobukiyas are great statues for a great price (if you get them when they're first released, that is).

The skin has a nice soft look to it on these statues, and this one in particular has actual fabric stretched over the statue for her fishnets. The Zatanna statue has this feature as well, but she has gotten a bit expensive so I haven't bought that one yet.

Kotobukiya statues are the next step up from Gallery statues. They look a lot better, though. I love these statues.
Kotobukiya Bishoujo Harley Quinn

Unfortunately, this is the only Kotobukiya Bishoujo Harley statue I own. There is a New York Comic Con exclusive version of this with a different head that's red and black and holding a gun that looks really great, and then masked and unmasked classic jester costume versions where she's sitting on a giant hammer. The cost of any of those is out of this world, so I only have this one.

And I'm not knocking this one at all. This one is absolutely gorgeous. I'm just knocking the fact that I don't own more Bishoujo statues!
Kotobukiya Bishoujo Poison

I love Poison. This is one of those statues that I didn't know existed until I saw someone tweet a picture of it. I immediately got online and bought one for myself.

Her base is pretty cool in that you can take out the translucent disc and put a different disc in it. I think the other one it came with was just the Street Fighter IV logo or something, so I put the one in with her picture on it. She also has a different hand you can switch out where she's holding handcuffs. I felt the riding crop was a better look, so I went with that one.

It's a beautiful statue and probably my favorite Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue I own.
Kotobukiya Bishoujo Spider-Gwen

This is another good looking one. I picked this up over the summer on Free Comic Book Day in Evansville, IN. I had it on my Amazon wishlist for a while and kept putting off buying it, but then I encountered it in a comic shop for a little less than what Amazon was charging so I pulled the trigger on it.

I do have one issue with this statue, and that's the fact that she wants to tip over backwards if she's not on a completely flat surface. I had to wad up a paper towel and put under it just to take this photo since she wouldn't stand on the carpet without toppling over.

The pose is very dynamic, though. And clearly I went with the unmasked head so it fits in with the rest of my collection.
Zero Suit Samus Statue

Zero Suit Samus is pretty sexy, and this statue is no exception. I love the metallic blue paint job she has. The Zero Suit Samus amiibo also had a metallic blue finish.

This is from Metroid: Other M which I did not play, but I did play Metroid: Zero Mission where the suit first appeared. It's a bit of fan servcice, but I'm completely okay with fan service. I like fan service a lot, actually.

The statue is made out of PVC, so it's not as fragile as any of the others. It kind of feels like an action figure, to be honest. She also comes with a Metroid you can attach to a clear plastic arm that plugs into the base, but I removed it.

And that's my collection of statues! I have been buying statues pretty regularly for a few months now and have assembled a decent collection. They're kind of addicting, though. If you buy one you run the risk of falling down the hole and buying more and more. Great looking statues keep coming out, so there's no end to the madness.

Also, on behalf of all statue owners and shop owners who sell statues: Do not touch them. Look at them, but do not touch them. If you have permission to pick one up, handle it with both hands and hold it by the base. These things can be very expensive and very fragile, so please be mindful of that.

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