Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm a Fake Spider-Gwen Fan

I have started a small collection of Spider-Gwen merchandise and I thought I would share it with you today.

I like Spider-Gwen. The thing is, I have never read a Spider-Gwen comic. I recently bought her first appearance, but I've never read a Spider-Gwen comic. I don't really know much about the character, either. Yet here I am, buying this merchandise and saying I like her. That probably makes me a fake fan. I don't care, though. I like the costume and I like Gwen Stacy.

I started a very modest Spider-Gwen collection consisting of merchandise where you can see her face. That's the criteria. This is by no means everything that has been released, but this is what I have. I know I will never be able to own all the Spider-Gwen merchandise where you can see her face, as I have already seen a few pieces that are hundreds of dollars and one that's well over a thousand. As much as I would like to own those, reality keeps me from doing so.

Anyway, here's what I have as of right now.

Spider-Gwen Bust Bank (Previews Exclusive)
Price: $11.99 | Bought From: Amazon
This is honestly my least favorite piece. I only bought it because it fits my collection criteria. I feel like her face sculpt is way off and she looks almost alien. Not a fan of this one, but what can you do.

Funko Pop Spider-Gwen (Unmasked Hot Topic Variant)
Price: $9.99 | Bought From: Kokomo Toys
I really don't like bobble heads, and I have avoided every Marvel and Star Wars Funko Pop released because of this. This is my first (and will probably be my only) Funko Pop that's a bobble head. It doesn't bother me as much since I don't keep it with the rest of my Pops.

Funko Rock Candy Spider-Gwen
Price: $9.99 | Bought From: Amazon
I put off buying this for the longest time because, as I just mentioned, I hate bobble heads. I thought since I already have one with a bobble head I might as well get another. I really don't plan on continuing buying bobble head figures, though.

Funko Pint Size Heroes Spider-Gwen (Unmasked Toys "R" Us Variant)
Price: $3.99 | Bought From: Toys "R" Us
I don't like the practice of blind buy bags and boxes. I want to know who I'm getting, especially for the price some of these things go for. Fortunately I was able to feel the bag on this one and determine I was going to get the unmasked Spider-Gwen before I bought it. I think it's a cute little figure.

Kotobukiya Marvel Now! ARTFX+ Statue
Price: $32.99 | Bought From: Amazon
I didn't know that the statue had interchangeable heads until I looked into it closer. Finding out that it did made me pull the trigger on this one. This is also the cheapest I have ever seen it. It's a bit small, but the sculpt is nice.

Gallery Spider-Gwen Statue (San Diego Comic Con Variant)
Price: $39.99 | Bought From: Crash Comics
This one is okay. It has the same quality as every other Gallery statue, which is what you would expect for $39.99. They're not high end statues, but you can get a decent looking one for a good price, as statues are typically much higher priced than these are.

Kotobukiya Bishojou Statue
Price: $64.99 | Bought From: Secret Headquarters
This is easily my favorite piece, and it was the first piece of Spider-Gwen merchandise I ever bought. This, much like the ARTFX+ statue, has interchangeable heads. I really like the Kotobukiya Bishojou statues and I have a few of them. They look great and the price is great.

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