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Comic Haul 5/20: Salem Comic & Toy Expo

From out of nowhere, the inaugural Salem Comic & Toy Expo appeared and it was quite a show! This convention wasn't even on the itinerary for the summer, but I'm glad it was because it was a very successful show. Check out my hauls this week!

The only thing I can really ding the convention for was the lack of toys. I mean, it's right there in the name. None of the vendors seemed to specialize in toys or even have any toy selection to speak of. I think out of the entire show, I saw maybe two vendors who had any toys at all. Also, it was super hot in the convention center, but that's not their fault. As always, the trip was taken with my good friend Dan Brown [Twitter | Blog], owner of over 17,000 comic books and pop culture aficionado. Also joining us for the first time was my new friend Tyler from the comic shop and Dan's friend and co-worker Daniel.

My friend Mike Noe, the owner of my local comic shop Campus Comics had a table there, so it was good to see him and find out how things were going. There were many vendors set up there, though not as many as there were at Cape Con. It was more spaced out than Cape Con was, so maybe that's not entirely accurate. It might have had a comparable amount of vendors.

So what did I get there? Well...

Recent Purchases

5 of 7 death of Superman issues were found scattered across several different vendors. I already have the issue where he actually dies, so I'm only missing one as far as I know. The first appearance of Doomsday (the one in the top left) goes for a decent amount on My Comic Shop. Here, however, I managed to snag it for $8. Incredible deal. The two issues along the bottom were $10 each, so I ended up paying more for them than they are online. Oh well. The deal I got on the first Doomsday offsets that a bit.

I found the first appearance of War Machine at another table. The guy selling it actually had the issue before it bundled in with it, which I didn't know until he handed it to me, so I consider the second issue as being free. It was $30 for the pair of them, which is a mighty fine deal considering the Iron Man #282 goes for over $50 on its own on My Comic Shop.

Then I came to a table which I would consider the best table out of the entire convention. I got quite a bit from them. Starting out, I got the issue of Uncanny X-Men on the left from them for $1. Uncanny X-Men #282 is a Jim Lee comic I was needing for my Jim Lee collection, and $1 is the right price! It's not an expensive comic, but it's currently $3.80 on My Comic Shop, so I did better than I would have had I bought it online.

The comic next to it I did buy online, and it's another Jim Lee X-Men comic. Uncanny X-Men #286 is one I bought online the other day from my wishlist. I'm doing pretty good with this Jim Lee collection. I think I need less than five before I have them all now.

From the same table, I got these two issues of The New Mutants with covers inked by Todd McFarlane. New Mutants #86 is a $20 book on My Comic Shop, and it's actually the first appearance of Cable. Well, not the first full appearance; Cable first fully appears in issue #87. In any case, I got both of these comics for $5 each!

The copy of New Mutants #88 is the same story. Its cover was drawn by Rob Liefeld and inked by Todd McFarlane. It's hard to get more 90s than that duo!

Speaking of Todd McFarlane, I also got this Prestige Format comic of Batman and Spawn. I don't really have much to say about this because I'm not that familiar with it, but I like Batman and I like Spawn, and $5 sounded like a nice deal.

A little further down from that Batman and Spawn book at the same table was this Daredevil comic priced at an incredible $5. This is a $15 comic on My Comic Shop, so I'd pay $5 for this all day. This is Daredevil #153, which is the first appearance of reporter Ben Urich. If you watched the Daredevil show on Netflix you might remember Ben Urich as the reporter played by Vondie Curtis-Hall who dared cross the Kingpin! He's also in the 2003 Ben Affleck Daredevil movie played by Joe Pantoliano. This isn't a nobody character. Ben Urich is pretty important in the Marvel universe.

While I'm not as into DC as I am Marvel, I do appreciate them more now than I used to. This comic is something the old me would have passed on, but now it's a comic I had to have in my collection. This iconic cover has been paid homage to countless times across DC and Marvel. Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 is the death of Supergirl (just realized I bought comics from the death of Superman and the death of Supergirl on the same day) and it's one of those comics that's important and iconic but it's not going to break the bank. This was an even $10, which I feel is a little less than it's actually worth, but that's the price they had on it.

Before leaving, I visited the table for another local vendor. Burg Comics was set up there, operated by the always friendly and knowledgeable Scott Reed. Scott also holds a modest comic convention, the Burg Comics Con, in late August in nearby Harrisburg, IL.

He had several copies of this Harley Quinn Future's End one shot with a lenticular cover that really caught my eye. The purple was very striking, and it just looks cool. It just looks like something I would want, to be honest. I've always liked the look of lenticular images, and I definitely like Harley Quinn, so... no brainer.

I mentioned before how I made a My Comic Shop purchase earlier in the week. I also snagged these four horror comics to thin out my wishlist. The Haunt of Fear #4, #6, and #8, as well as The Vault of Horror #7 were just a few that I grabbed.

I love these comics. You wouldn't think I would love them as much as I do, but I do. I've been into these since I was a kid. These versions are the Gemstone reprints, and as far as I know, they reprinted every single issue of Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, and The Haunt of Fear. I have to have all of them.

Then the entire reason I ordered comics online this week was for this comic right here. This is Avenging Spider-Man #9, which is the first appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. This comic is surprisingly expensive right now, and I feel like with the Captain Marvel movie in the works, this comic is just going to get more expensive. It's already over $200 for graded copies, which is insane to me. A comic that came out in late 2012 is already commanding three digits. This book ran me more than the first appearance of Ms. Marvel. That's nuts.

I didn't want this to be the one first appearance of "Carol Danvers as _____" or Ms. Marvel variant, so I think I made a wise decision. The fact that it's in a Spider-Man comic is just a bonus for me. I think now I just need the first appearance of Carol Danvers herself, which... if I thought this was expensive... holy cow. A nice copy of that will run me quite a bit considering it's from 1968. Ouch.

90s Nostalgia

If you've been reading these comic hauls the past few weeks you've seen that I'm a sucker for a gimmick 90s cover! This week I picked up Avengers West Coast #100 at the con for $5. It has a stunning red foil cover that this picture doesn't do justice. It matches the Avengers covers I showcased on my 4/29 haul nicely.

And that's what I got this week! Good picks all around, I think. Usually events like cons and Free Comic Book Day make way for more interesting hauls, and this week was no exception. Thanks for reading!

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