Sunday, April 2, 2017

My Top 10 Games from Generation Seven

We've almost reached the end of this series of top 10 features! Today I've prepared my top 10 games from generation seven, which includes games mostly from Xbox 360. It was a generation that went on for a long time, so a lot of high quality stuff was released over the years.

#10: Dead Space
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: EA Redwood Shores | Released: 2008

Dead Space is, without question, one of the scariest and most exciting games I have ever played. While Resident Evil became more action oriented and Silent Hill remained psychologically horrifying throughout its existence, Dead Space blended the two together flawlessly for a truly visceral and terrifying experience. It controls wonderfully, and the dismembering mechanic is so satisfying when you take your enemies out by severing their limbs off with a plasma cutter. The second game was also phenomenal, but I was wholly unimpressed with the third one.

#9: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
Publisher: Activision | Developer: Shaba Games | Released: 2008

If you ever wanted to know what the best Spider-Man game is, look no further. Don't let the awful box art scare you away, folks. This is an action packed Spider-Man game through and through, and it even lets you change into the iconic black costume on the fly! Both suits have different properties and are very fun to use. You really get the sensation of swinging around the city.

People trying to claim that Spider-Man 2 for Xbox is the best Spider-Man game when this one exists. Please...

#8: Lego Batman: The Video Game
Publisher: Warner Bros. | Develoer: Traveller's Tales | Released: 2008

In my opinion, if you've played one Lego game, you've pretty much played all of them. They're all extremely similar and leave you feeling the exact same way by the end of it. Are you interested in the source material? Then that's the one to get. Lego Batman, however, stands out to me. It wasn't the first Lego game I played, but it is the first one that grabbed me and one that I kept going back to. It's still my favorite Lego game out of all of them that I've played, and while the other Lego Batman games might offer more in the way of characters and things to do, this one is just way more fun to me.

#7: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Criterion Games | Released: 2010

When this game came out, I'd estimate at least half of my friends on Xbox Live were also playing it. The community aspect of the game was amazing. You'd put the game in and find out that someone had beaten one of your times on a level, so you'd of course have to go back and beat their time. Normally I'm not one for racing games, but this is definitely one that grabbed me and gave me literally 100+ hours of entertainment. I had never played a Need for Speed game before this one, but after playing it I bought every Need for Speed game released after. None of them save one gave me the same thrilling sensation that this one did.

#6: Resident Evil 5
Publisher: Capcom | Develoer: Capcom | Released: 2009

I like Resident Evil 5 more than Resident Evil 4. There. I said it. While Resident Evil 4 is definitely a scarier game (at least in the beginning) I feel like 5 is just more enjoyable. I also find the controls in 4 to be difficult to get used to after playing 5. Resident Evil 5 is a satisfying journey from start to finish, and there isn't a section of the game that I find boring or tedious. Normally I hate in games where you have a partner or someone you're supposed to watch over, but in this game I don't mind it at all for some reason. I guess because Sheva is actually a strong character who can take care of herself (and me, honestly).

#5: Tomb Raider
Publisher: Square Enix | Developer: Crystal Dynamics | Released: 2013

I never cared about the original Tomb Raider when it was first released, mostly due to the fact that I didn't have a PlayStation at the time and why bother looking into it. Even later when the series jumped to PlayStation 2 I didn't give it a shot, and it wasn't until the original game was remade on Xbox 360 that I finally gave in and tried it. It... didn't do anything for me. Then this game came out, and it looked amazing. The scope of the game, the treasure hunting, the stealth, the gore... my God, the gore. This game made me feel what others must have felt back in the day when they first played the original. I recently played through the remaster on PlayStation 4 and it's just as good as I remembered it being.

#4: Rock Band 2
Publisher: MTV Games | Developer: Harmonix Music Systems | Released: 2008

While the original Rock Band was good, Rock Band 2 was great. This was the party game for the longest time. If someone had a party, and Rock Band wasn't being played in the background, it just didn't seem right! I loved the fact that you could import other Rock Band game soundtracks into it, which just increased the available setlist each time you did it. Not to mention of course the fact that every week they would put new songs for download in the shop. There was a certain thrill of seeing a song you love show up for download and knowing that you're going to get to play it. I like the setlist in Rock Band 2 more than 3, and I also played it more than 3. For those reasons, I chose to put this one in my top 10 even though 3 is technically the superior game.

#3: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Publisher: Konami | Developer: Konami | Released: 2005

For as great as Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is on Game Boy Advance, Dawn of Sorrow just delivers more. You can even play as the Symphony of the Night incarnation of Alucard! This game is a direct sequel to the aforementioned Aria, and it deserves to be the sequel to that masterpiece. This was probably the first game released on the Nintendo DS that made me feel like the DS was going to be something special.

#2: Batman: Arkham Asylum
Publisher: Eidos Interactive | Developer: Rocksteady Studios | Released: 2009

Like Tomb Raider, I recently played through the remaster of this game on PlayStation 4. It is still just as amazing of an experience as it was back in 2009. Arkham Asylum is a great game and it's made even better by voice actors from Batman: The Animated Series reprising their roles for the game. To me, Kevin Conroy's voice is the voice I hear in my head when I read Batman. Mark Hamill's Joker is still the most iconic portrayal of the character. Arleen Sorkin's Harley Quinn is the Harley Quinn to me (not to disparage Tara Strong's performances). They're all here in this game. The combat is so fluid and satisfying, too. Getting into fights with the thugs around the asylum just feels so fun and fresh.

#1: BioShock
Publisher: 2K Games | Developer: Irrational Games | Released: 2007

BioShock is, in my opinion, an unequivocal masterpiece. The storytelling, the gameplay, the music, the atmosphere and world beneath the sea that feels so alive... I cannot think of a single flaw with BioShock. It is my favorite game from generation seven and one of my top five favorite games of all time. I love BioShock 2, I love BioShock Infinite, but the original game has no equal. The story crafted within this game captures my imagination. I love the Rapture aesthetic and when I play I really take in all my surroundings. I don't know of any other game that has made me feel the way BioShock has, and for that, I have to give it the title of number 1. Play this game if you haven't.

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