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My Top 10 Games from Generation Eight (So Far)

This is it! The final entry in my Top 10 Games series! This one features games from the generation we're currently in, so go on ahead and read what my favorite games are (so far) this generation!

10) Need for Speed
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Ghost Games | Released: 2015

Surprised? I was surprised, too. This is a game that I bought for $19.99 for no reason other than it was cheap, but when I played it, it quickly became one of my favorites.

No Need for Speed game since Hot Pursuit really grabbed me, but this one totally did. The graphics in this game are stunning; the city looks extremely realistic and feels alive. Unlike Hot Pursuit you can't play as the police, but you definitely have the police after you if they catch you racing. This game isn't a 1:1 replacement for Hot Pursuit, but it's certainly the best one I've played since. Give this game a go if you're a fan of racing games at all. It's cheap and it'll probably surprise you!

9) Street Fighter V
Publisher: Capcom | Developer: Capcom | Released: 2016

Everyone knows Street Fighter II is a masterpiece, and no game in the series up to this point has come close to capturing the magic it had, in my opinion. I dabbled a bit in the various incarnations of Street Fighter III and IV, but none of those games brought me back again and again like Street Fighter V did.

The game gets a lot of hate because it more or less shipped with key features missing, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of the game. The game is gorgeous and plays very tight, and my girl Chun-Li has never looked better. It definitely ignited my interest in the series again.

8) Super Mario 3D World
Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Nintendo | Released: 2013

Mario games are conventionally good. This one made me feel the same sense of wonder I felt when I originally played Super Mario 64. Super Mario 3D World does everything right. It mixes up the play style through the entire game and keeps you guessing what's coming next.

One thing I typically dislike about Nintendo games is the inclusion of a dumb gimmick. Super Mario 3D World doesn't have anything like that. The closest thing would be the cat suit, but there have been suits with different powers since Super Mario Bros. 3. The cat suit, while admittedly a bit lame, isn't bad enough to get me to knock anything from the game. It's just a solid experience and not to be missed.

7) Fire Emblem: Awakening
Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Intelligent Systems | Released: 2013

I have never been a huge Fire Emblem fan. The first one I played was on Game Boy Advance, and I have always been turned off by the permanent death aspect the series is known for. Fire Emblem: Awakening gave me the option to disable that, and you'd better believe I did. What resulted was me sinking 60 hours into it and loving every minute of it.

I have read that this cheapens the Fire Emblem experience, but honestly, this is what enabled me to play through the game and enjoy it. Oh well!

6) Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Nintendo | Released: 2013

Animal Crossing needs to be on a handheld. The formula just works better when you can play it on the go. This is my second most played 3DS title, clocking in at an impressive 155 hours. It's one of those games that you keep going back to just to tinker around in.

New Leaf, like the other Animal Crossing games, is a great relaxing game to sit down and unwind with. Playing it before bed is extremely calming, and I spent many nights catching beetles on the island instead of going to sleep like I should. New Leaf is definitely my favorite game in the series.

5) Mario Kart 8
Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Nintendo | Released: 2014

My girlfriend is so good at this game and she races circles around me, but it's still one of my favorite games from this generation and, to tell you the truth, my favorite Mario Kart game. The courses are beautiful, the array of characters is pretty varied, the music is top, and it's just fun! The replay value is definitely there.

I didn't originally intend on buying this game based off of my previous perceptions of Mario Kart, but I'm glad I did. The game is so much fun, especially playing it two player. My girlfriend and I got pretty good at the game but she is insanely good at it. I bet if she made a list of her top 10 games Mario Kart 8 would be on it, too!

4) Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Publisher: Xseed Games | Developer: Wayforward | Released: 2017

This game came out of nowhere. I thought the game looked visually appealing, I was psyched when I saw Wayforward developed it, and it came with a soundtrack which turned out to be by Jake Kaufman. Let me say, the music in this game is incredible. When the first level kicks off and Dance Through the Danger starts bumpin'... holy cow, man.

I couldn't put this game down. I played through it and got almost every trophy. I didn't get the two for beating it as fast as possible with everything, but everything else I made sure to do! This game is actually one of the reasons I was inspired to write these top 10 articles in the first place.

3) NieR: Automata
Publisher: Square Enix | Developer: Platinum Games | Released: 2017

This one got my attention because it is a stylish, Platinum Games hack and slash game with a sexy android and a big sword. I noticed the game well before it was released and thought it looked interesting. I did actually buy it on launch day, which is something I seldom do now. Typically I wait for a while unless I just have to play the game, so it was kind of odd that I pulled the trigger on this one so early.

I was right to do so, because NieR: Automata has given me hours and hours of enjoyment. I am currently playing through it for my third time, and I feel like even after I finish it I'm just going to jump right back in.

2) Doom
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Developer: id Software | Released: 2016

I love Doom. I have been a big fan of Doom since probably 1994 when I first played Doom II on a friend's computer. The first time I saw Doom, however, was on the Sega 32X, but... we won't count that.

This game is Doom. I feel like Doom lost its way a bit with Doom 3, but this one takes it back to its roots: Gore and heavy metal riffs blasting out of your speakers while you kill demons. What's not to love? This game really held my attention from start to finish, to the point that I even continued playing it even after beating it.

1) Pokémon Omega Ruby
Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Game Freak | Released: 2014

I have played this game (so far) for just under 360 hours. That's more than likely longer than I have played any game ever.

Pokémon Omega Ruby hit me at just the right time. I bought Omega Ruby for myself and I bought Alpha Sapphire for my girlfriend and we played it together for many nights. They are great memories, and my love of the game was enhanced by her telling me what I would now consider the correct way to play. Apparently you don't have to catch them all. Who knew?

And that's all! I hope you've enjoyed this series of features and have found some new games to try out. Remember that these have been my personal top 10 lists, so if something you like didn't make the cut, then you should make a list! I'm sure someone out there could actually come up with a list of 10 games from generation five that are actually worth playing. Maybe that someone is you! It's definitely not me, though.

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