Friday, November 4, 2016

Walkthrough: Wonder Boy in Monster World

Today I present to you a complete walkthrough of this phenomenal game. I have never written a walkthrough before, and I can't imagine a better game to be my first. Please give this game a shot and please enjoy this walkthrough I have written! I hope it helps someone!

Wonder Boy in Monster World has appeared on many different systems and has been presented in several different ways. Currently the easiest way to experience it is as a download game on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. I highly recommend purchasing it because it's in my top 5 favorite games of all time.

I wrote a spotlight feature on it that goes into a bit of my history with the game if you're interested in that. If you're just here for the walkthrough, then let's begin!

Note: When I reference an item, the item name will be in bold yellow like it appears in the game. It should help you find item names easier in all the text.

- Beginning Your Quest -

The first thing is getting out of the house you start in. I know the first time I played the game it took me a second to realize that you have to stand in front of the door outline and press down to exit a house.

Proceed to the right and you'll come across a large stump with a door on it. Enter it and talk to the old woman inside who will tell you that Princess Purapril has been kidnapped. She'll warn you to be careful in your quest and give you some Fire Storm magic and an Elixer to help. After exiting, you'll now notice that there's a small platform going up and down to your right, allowing you access up and over the hill.

Fight enough enemies on this screen or on the beach area two screens to the right until you have 30 gold. Once you do, head back and enter the stump on the other side of the hill. Inside you'll find some Leather Boots which are very easy to miss. After purchasing them, stop moving and press the start button. If you're moving and press start, the game will just pause. This brings up the equipment menu. Move the cursor to boots and press C, then press C again on Leather Boots to equip them. Press the B button to back out and Shion should do a spin to show that he has changed his equipment. Leave this little shop and proceed to the right.

You'll see two guards standing in front of a castle. You can't do anything about this for now, so continue to the right into the beach area.

- The Beach -

On the second beach screen right before the treasure chest blocked by a wooden wall, there is an area with three platforms, with the third moving up and down. Stand on this platform and when it reaches its peak, jump. Do this several times and you'll find a hidden cache of coins and a small heart! Continue past the chest with the wooden wall around it, as you can't acquire what's inside it yet.

Eventually you'll find a sign that reads, "You can ride a jellyfish!" What this means is that you can bounce off of them. Interestingly, this is the only time in the entire game that this mechanic comes up. Time your jumps just right and bounce across a series of jellyfish to the other side.

- Alsedo, the Fairy Village -

The fairy village is under attack by a group of mushroom enemies! Strike them down and gather some gold! The enemies will respawn for a while, but when they stop you'll have to exit the screen and come back to get them to appear again.

First, the building you see before you when you enter the town is an Inn. The Inn is where you save your game and recover your health. An interesting thing about the Inn is that they'll take you in even if you don't have the amount of gold they're asking. They'll just say that they'll take whatever you can afford and that's that.

Save up 160 gold and then enter the second building in the town with the spear on the door. This is the weapon and armor shop. Buy the Chain Mail for 70 gold and the Small Spear for 80 gold. Equip them the same way you equipped the boots earlier, only go into the weapons and the armor categories in the equipment menu instead.

Now, in the middle of the town are two statues. Stand in between them and press up. You'll find yourself in a pink and red flower garden. To the right is Queen Eleanora. When she finishes asking for your help, she will send you on your way with your first helper: A little fairy named Priscilla. Priscilla can uncover hidden hearts in the cave past Alsedo, which is moderately helpful, but not that interesting. Stand in between the statues again and press up to go back to Alsedo.

Enter the house directly to the right of the statues and talk to the woman named Sonia inside. She will tell you that she left her Ocarina inside the cave that you're going to. This is very important! If you do not speak to her prior to entering the cave, the ocarina will not appear.

On your way out of town, enter the last house and use the other 10 gold you saved earlier to buy the Medicine. The Medicine is the weakest healing potion in the game, but you only have three hearts right now, so it'll do. Now would be a good time to ready your Fire Storm magic and the Medicine. Go into the menu and go to the magic category. You'll see Fire Storm listed with three blue gems underneath it. That's how many times you can use this magic until you find more. Select Fire Storm with C and take note at the top of the screen. There is a blinking cursor and a picture of the d-pad between two squares. You can have two things equipped to use at a time, be it two magic, two items, or one of each. Decide whether you want the Fire Storm in the left or right slot and press C again. Now go into items and select the Medicine. Move the cursor to the slot you don't have the Fire Storm in and press C. To use these items, hold the A button and press the corresponding direction on the d-pad to use that item.

Exit the town and head to the right, into the dark forest.

- The Cave -

Through the dark forest and into the cave! The cave is actually a castle, and it's filled with the same mushroom minions that are causing trouble in Alsedo. Cut your way through them and then take the lower path when it splits to find the Ocarina laying on the ground. Stand in front of it and press up to acquire it.

Head to the top path and stand on the platform with music notes. To open the door you have to play a specific tune on the Ocarina. To learn what the tunes are legitimately you're supposed to head back to Alsedo and Sonia will tell you what the tunes are. For this walkthrough, I'm just going to tell you what they are.

Equip the Ocarina (you'll have to override one of the items or spells you loaded in earlier) and stand on the platform with notes on it. Hold the A button and press whichever direction you have the Ocarina equipped to and after it says "Shion plays the Ocarina" press B, A, B, A, B, C, B. If done correctly, it will say "You play beautifully." The door then unlocks. Proceed through the cave.

You'll soon encounter a second door. Again, stand on the platform and play the Ocarina. This time the tune is A, B, C, B, C, A, B. The door then unlocks. Proceed through the cave.

Continue down the path and be sure to grab the treasure chest on your way, as it contains your first Heart Container. It won't be long before you find another locked door. This is the final one in the cave, so ready your Ocarina and play again. This time the tune is A, C, C, A, B, A, B. The door will unlock, so go through it and come face to face with the red boss door. Before you do, though, stand directly next to the step that the boss door is on and jump. You will find two small hidden hearts to help you fight the boss!

The Myconid is a huge creature, and he can overwhelm you with his jumping if you're not careful. This fight is more difficult if you're still using the Gradius instead of the Small Spear, so hopefully you picked it up earlier. The best strategy for defeating him is just jump and strike with your spear. He will drop smaller mushroom enemies out at you if you take a bit of time to defeat him, so be careful of those as well. A few strikes from your spear will do him in, and when he dies, he will explode into coins and drop a treasure chest containing more Fire Storm magic.

Congratulations! You have saved Alsedo from the Myconid and his invaders! Exit through the door which appears and head back to Alsedo.

- Alsedo, the Fairy Village - 

Things are a lot calmer here since the last time you were here. You can try to give the Ocarina back to Sonia if you want, but she'll just tell you to keep it and that it might come in handy later. Go back to the statues in the center of the town and go visit Queen Eleanora again. She will thank you for all you have done and tell you that she is forever in your debt. Once you finish talking to her, head left past the statues and enter the large tree.

Before you go down the ladder, go to the left of it and jump up a few times in the flowers to find another hidden cache of coins. Now go to the bottom, enter the door, and head to the next area of the game.

- The Catacombs -

After a brief walk through a tunnel beneath the water, you'll find yourself in the catacombs. This area is extremely straightforward with only two paths branching off of it, but you won't worry about either of them for now. Walk to the left past many screens fighting bats and red blobs. Eventually you'll come face to face with a large knight. To defeat him, jump and strike him in the face a few times with your spear. In no time at all he'll wave his arms in defeat and the game will automatically walk Shion to the left where a brief scene with Princess Purapril will play out. She'll tell you to come to the castle hall so she can thank you. Doing so is optional, but you have to follow her at least part of the way.

- Purapril Castle -

After going through the door, ignore the door directly above you and position yourself in the center of the stairs and jump all the way to the top of the tower. Enter the door there and head to the right, making sure to speak to the first woman you see. She'll tell you that the castle gate is now open, so you can either head back down or go talk to the Princess for your thanks. She's to the right if you choose to speak to her.

Head back down the stairs, but unfortunately this time you have to walk them. In your current boots, it's quite a lengthy trek, too. Enter the door you passed earlier and head left into the town itself.

This is Purapril Castle. It more or less acts as a hub area for the entire game. Areas you visit will all wind up back in this town by way of doors which will show up when you defeat bosses in those areas. The Inn here will be your most used Inn in the whole game. Enter it and rest and save your game now if you'd like. I would recommend doing so, as the last time you saved was in Alsedo.

To the left of the Inn is a weapon shop which has two things you should purchase, the Knight Sword for 250 gold, and the Hard Armor for 220 gold. If you can, buy both. If not, the sword is more important than the armor at this point. Equip both of them. If you bought the Wooden Shield earlier from Alsedo, equip that as well. If you didn't, that's fine. There's a better shield in the next town.

Head to the left down the ladder. To the right is a shop on the other side of the path which leads down. If you have 100 gold left over from purchasing the sword and armor, buy the Ladder Boots and a Potion from the Sundry shop in the middle of town. If not, head down the path and then head left out of town and into the jungle.

- The Jungle -

The jungle is easily the most dangerous place you've visited so far. The fierce music here really hammers that in, too. Be wary of things dropping from the jungle canopy like spiders and ghosts. The bubbling muck at the bottom is also dangerous. You can walk through it, but you will take damage.

This area is very straightforward. There are no branching paths off of it. On your way through the jungle, if you didn't buy the Wooden Shield in Alsedo, be sure to save up 200 gold. You'll need it for sure when you get to the next town. When you cross over a stump with a happy face on it, you're almost at your destination.

You'll eventually come across a ruin. Remember this place, because you'll be coming back here shortly with a little help. There's also a neat little hidden thing here that I didn't notice for years and years. Over the door of the ruin is something that looks like vague lettering. It's actually the name of Wonder Boy in Monster World's developer Westone upside down and backwards! Neat!

- Lilypad, the Dwarf Village -

The first girl you encounter in the town will tell you that her brother Hotta has been kidnapped. Sounds like someone needs rescuing! But first we need to gather some supplies. This is probably one of maybe two times in the game where I would suggest grinding, because you're going to need a decent amount of gold before you enter the ruins.

Buy the Shell Shield for 200 gold from the shop if you don't already have a shield. This is optional if you bought the Wooden Shield already. Now take a look at the armor to the right of it. That's the Steel Armor, and it costs an incredible 800 gold. Also in this town are the Marine Boots, which cost 300. All in all, you're going to need 1,100 gold before you go into those ruins. You've been fighting tiny little enemies this entire time which drop small coins. Fortunately you're about to fight some enemies which drop big coins worth significantly more! Before you leave, visit the Inn to rest and save, then if you've got a shield (or enough to buy either the Steel Armor or Marine Boots somehow), head to the left and into some more jungle. If you're not feeling confident, you can buy a Potion from the shop for 50 gold.

- The Indigenous Tribe -

The music will change to a droning jungle beat, and some ax throwing enemies will be your main threat in this next area. They drop big coins when defeated, so fight the first two you encounter until they no longer respawn. When they stop, step back into Lilypad, then back to the jungle and the spawning process will begin anew. Fight them until you have enough gold to buy the Steel Armor and the Marine Boots.

In a few short screens you'll find Hotta tied up over a roaring fire. Hop down and defeat the enemies until a few run off. The fire will extinguish and Hotta will head back to the village on his own. Now that that's done, head back to the village.

- Lilypad, the Dwarf Village -

Visit the Inn to rest and save, then go to the entrance of the town and speak to the girl there. She will thank you for rescuing her brother and tell you that she thinks he can help you. Now you have your second temporary helper! Hotta can unearth hidden coins and locate hidden doors inside the ruins, so you definitely need him to come along with you.

Leave town through the right exit and stand near where the entrance to the ruin would be. Hotta will step up and smash the wall, revealing the entrance.

- The Ruins -

When you enter the door, you'll find that you're shrouded in complete darkness! Only the enemies are visible. Fortunately these enemies are weak, so head left and strike down any that happen to get in your way. You'll see a stone platform with an arrow pointing down on it. Jump on top of it and the wall to the left will open. Go through it and defeat a large bat enemy to retrieve the Lamp, which will illuminate the ruins.

When you leave the room with the giant bat, you'll be able to see that there is a ladder going down. Go down it and follow the path that winds down deeper into the ruins. Suddenly, a huge boulder will drop from the ceiling and chase you! Just keep walking and it will never be able to catch up to you. You'll get to the bottom of this sloped path and have two choices on where to go. Right now, take the ground level path that leads to the right. Climb the ladder when you reach it and enter the next room.

This room has some small skull enemies in it which are no big deal. Defeat them and continue on the linear path to the right and up the ladder. When you reach the top, head left and into the next room. You're now directly to the right of where you came into the ruins, but you can stand on the switch that's there. Doing so will change a wall in the previous room, so stand on it and go back to the room you just left. You'll see some silver blocks now on the path below you. These can be destroyed with your sword, so hop down there and cut them apart. Once you do, edge forward slowly until Hotta takes off in front of you and destroys a wall. Inside this room is a Heart Container! If you walk too far to the right you'll fall through the floor and have to walk all the way back up here again. Go into the hidden room and retrieve your new heart piece, then head back to the area where you went right after the boulder chase and go left this time across the pit. You can either fall through the floor on the opposite side of the door and head left, or you can go back and do the boulder chase again. It's up to you. Falling through the floor is faster, though.

Use the ladder to help you cross the pit and enter the next room. Fall all the way down to the bottom and then carefully climb the ladder you see, avoiding the arrow spitting traps along the walls. Enter the door at the top and it will take you to a path at the bottom. Follow it into the next room.

This next room has some larger skull enemies in it, which are obviously tougher than the small ones, but not by much. Climb the stairs to the right and you'll eventually come across a treasure chest. If you have been damaged enough that you have died and been saved by the Elixer the old woman gave you in the first house you entered (the one with the Fire Storm, remember?) this chest will contain a new Elixer to replace it. Otherwise, this chest will contain a large heart which will completely refill your health. Collect either if you wish and then head back left, but go upwards this time up the blueish purple platforms. Hop onto the one that is moving back and forth and then land on the wall that is two blocks thick. The ground will begin disappearing beneath you, but you'll land on a stone switch which will open up the path further when you stand on it.

Head back up the path the same way, up the blueish purple platforms and destroy the silver blocks like you did before. Proceed across the path to the right. Some blocks will disappear underneath you when you land on them, but it's just to throw you off. Follow the path right and you'll come to a door near the top of the screen. Do not enter it unless you want to leave the ruins for some reason! Instead, fall down into the pit below it, and then head left while dodging arrow spitting traps and decorations along the floor and ceiling that thrust barbed spears at you.

The next room looks like a dead end, but it's not. Jump up onto the last set of blocks and they'll disappear under your feet. Head to the left and Hotta will again run ahead of you and reveal a hidden room. Inside this one is a new shield: The Hard Shield! Aesthetically, this is my favorite shield in the game. Equip your new shield and head right now, again dodging arrows and spears and enter the next room.

Now it's time for a small puzzle! Before you step foot into this room further, notice the floor. There are pits everywhere with platforms on them consisting of three blocks which will fall if you stand on them. Jump over these pits or you'll fall and end up back in the room with the arrow and spear traps. There are four torches in the room, and you need to press the switches under them in a certain order to open the path. This is trial and error to first figure this out, but you need to stand on the second switch, the third switch, the first switch, and then the fourth switch. The platform directly to the right will then fall, and that's where you need to go. Jump into the newly revealed pit and get ready for a boss fight.

Gragg & Glagg, twin stone spitting enemies! You can easily be overwhelmed by this boss' boulders, so watch your health carefully. There's no real big strategy here other than strike them with your sword until they're dead. For whatever reason, I prefer to take on Glagg, the one on the right, first.

Stand on the platform and wait for them to spit a small stone at you which you can block with your shield. They will simultaneously roll a boulder out of their mouth which is small enough to jump over, but there are two bosses here, so there are two boulders as well! Wait for the boulders to smack into each other and they'll roll back into mouth of the boss. Jump down and hit one of them two times with your sword until it opens its mouth and begins to roll another boulder your way. Jump back onto the center platform, block the small stone it spits at you, let the boulders bounce off of each other and back into the boss' mouth, strike two times, repeat the process until it is dead. Use the same pattern of attack on the other boss. While you're fighting it, the other boulder is freely bouncing around the room, but it shouldn't pose too much of a problem. In no time at all they'll die and explode into a flurry of coins and leave a treasure chest behind containing a weapon that you'll be using a lot: The Trident. Equip the Trident and head out through the door which appears. Head left into Lilypad when you're out of the ruins.

- Lilypad, the Dwarf Village -

You'll notice that there's now a door on the stump which wasn't there before. This will happen in every town you go to with the exception of Alsedo. Once you defeat the boss, a door will appear to allow you access to the town quicker than before. If you haven't bought the Marine Boots for some reason from this town, do so now. They are very important. When you're ready to leave, go through the new door in the stump and you'll find yourself back at Purapril Castle.

- Purapril Castle -

What comes next is tedious and, for the most part, entirely optional. You've got a new toy, the Trident, and with it you're now able to swim under the water. Doing this is necessary to progress the game at this point, but there's a little side quest to get a decent amount of gold you can do first.

Head to the top of the Purapril Castle town and leave through the left exit. This exit is on the same path as the Inn and the weapon shop you entered before heading off to Lilypad. Continue across the bridge and out the door and you'll be at the gate you passed at the beginning of the game. Head right into the next area, which if you'll recall, is the beach area. Equip the Trident if you haven't already and the Marine Boots, then jump into the water.

- The Beach, Under the Water Secrets Sidequest -

After jumping into the water, sink all the way to the bottom and go right. Dispatch the small merman enemy and then fall off the ledge and position yourself exactly where the following image shows and press up.

You'll enter through an invisible door and the camera will pan over to an enclosed space with a treasure chest. Open it and you'll get a very sizable chunk of change from it. Press up in the spot where you entered the enclosed space to exit through the invisible door.

Head right through the wooden platforms, but stay close to the top of the screen. Right before you exit this screen, you'll see several paths heading out. They mostly take you to the same place, but for now take the top path. It's the one directly below the spiky ceiling. Position yourself exactly where the following image shows and press up.

Again, you will enter an invisible door. The camera will pan over to another enclosed space with more gold, albeit a bit less this time. Exit through the invisible door again and then head back left into the previous screen. This time take the middle path back into the screen you were just in. Continue to swim to the right and eventually you'll come to an impassible wooden wall. Swim back just a bit and then swim up and out of the water, landing on one of the platforms in the beach area.

Head right and you'll go over that treasure chest you passed way back at the beginning of the game. We can get that now! The first chance you get on the screen after seeing that treasure chest, jump back into the water and sink down to the platform with the large crab enemy on it. Head left and go through the bottom path into the next screen. Swim through the passageway until you reach the top and then jump out of the water. You're now under that wooden structure and can finally open up that treasure chest which contains the Pygmy Armor. Unfortunately this armor cannot be equipped at this moment, but it is something you will need to progress the game. Jump back into the water and then head back into the screen where you re-entered the water.

On this screen, watch out for the big colorful fish which spits out smaller fish at you. When you encounter it, swim to the top and jump out of the water and over the wall, jumping back into the water. Sink down a bit and then you'll notice a small opening in an otherwise enclosed space. A treasure chest inside holds another Heart Container, so grab it. Directly to the left of the chest is a ledge with a big crab enemy on it. Kill the crab, then position yourself exactly where the following image shows and press up.

You'll then enter through the final invisible door in the area and into another enclosed space with a treasure chest and gold. Once you collect it and then exit back through the invisible door, swim right and fall down into the little alcove pictured below. Jump here several times to collect a hidden cache of small bags of gold.

Now that you have laid claim to the treasures of the deep, swim up and out of this water area and onto dry land. Use the jellyfish and hop back into Alsedo.

- Alsedo, the Fairy Village -

There's really nothing to do here unless you want to buy any of the equipment you passed over the first time you were here, so go to the twin statues in the middle of town and press up to go back to Queen Eleanora's area. Once there, head left through the door in the tree and go back into the Catacombs.

- The Catacombs -

When you enter the Catacombs, position yourself exactly where the following image shows and press up.

Big surprise here, I'm sure. You'll enter an invisible door and find yourself in a different underwater area. Kill the squid spitter enemy and swim up and left over the wall. At the bottom you'll find a treasure chest with another Heart Container in it. Leave this area back through the door and then head all the way left through the Catacombs and back to Purapril Castle.

- Purapril Castle -

If you've used your Medicine or Potion by this point, take a detour down a level and go to the Sundry shop and buy another Potion. Afterwards, save at the Inn real quick. After your brief rest and save, head right again and re-enter the door, then take the lower door to go back into the Catacombs.

- The Catacombs -

Fortunately this stop is a very short one. Go over right one screen and jump into the water there. I'm sure this is exactly what you want at this point: More swimming. You'll be in an underwater tunnel with mines floating up and down in it. You can't destroy them, so carefully make your way around them and out of this area by heading right.

- The Beach 2, Under the Water 2 -

The very first thing you should do when you enter this new area is swim to the top and jump out of the water. Land on one of the platforms you see and make your way back to the left. There will be large crab and monkey enemies here which take several Trident strikes to defeat, so watch out. Continue making your way through them and you'll find another treasure chest containing the Pygmy Sword. Like the Pygmy Armor you found earlier, this too cannot be equipped yet. Head back right where you came from.

A good plan here is to stay above the water as much as you can because there are only two treasures under the water to find. Stay on the platforms and head right across the water, but fall into it when you reach the left side of the landmass with the palm trees on it. When you do, sink all the way down to the wooden platforms and just keep going right down to the ground level. There is a treasure chest here with Thunder magic inside. This is the only thing you'll find down here for a while other than annoying enemies, so head back up and out of the water. When you're on dry land, you can equip one of your swords to keep yourself from falling below the surface if you want. Continue right across the islands and floating platforms.

You will eventually encounter a small hut on one of the islands. Inside it is a woman who will trade you some information for the Ocarina you have. You can do this if you want as you'll never need to use the Ocarina again, but I prefer to keep it because I already know what the information is. She tells you about a secret door between palm trees which will lead you to an item called the Amulet that is necessary to enter Poseidon's lair.

Drop into the water on either side of the hut and swim below it. There is an opening here into a little wooden maze area. Swim right and then head left when the wall opens up and you'll find a treasure chest with some gold in it. Once you get that, swim back out of the water and onto dry land and head right. The platform with the palm tree on it will spring you up, so be aware of that when you land on it.

In this area you'll see a bunch of big crab enemies and a set of four palm trees. Stand between the two sets of trees and enter a secret door which will pan the screen over to the right and into a small enclosure holding a treasure chest which contains the Amulet. With your new treasure in your inventory, you can now enter an opening in the wall underwater which wasn't there before. Leave this enclosure back through the invisible door and then go back to the previous screen with the palm tree spring platform and fall into the water. Sink all the way to the bottom and you'll see a marble structure in the passageway leading right. Go through the opening.

- Poseidon's Shrine -

Poseidon's Shrine can be a slightly daunting place at first glance, but it's really not that bad. There are several passageways that wind around the lair as well as fans which will make swimming more difficult or even impossible in some cases.

When you first enter, you'll see a passageway leading up. If you are low on health, you can go up here to get a large heart which will refill your entire life bar. If this is something you need, jump out of the water through this opening and head all the way to the left wall. You'll see an arrow pointing up here, so stand where it's at and jump to reveal the hidden heart. Additionally, all the way to the far right on that wall is a small cache of coins which you can retrieve by jumping in the corner a few times. Collect those if you wish. Once you're finished here, jump back into the water through either opening and head right.

Starting at the top path, walk along the floor and you'll see a red globe sitting on the ground. The fans will push you back for a bit, but keep holding right and eventually they'll temporarily shut off. When you're close enough, strike the globe with your Trident and it will disappear. Go back just a bit and sink all the way to the bottom and enter the bottom path. Keep swimming at the top of this path and you'll see another red globe with more fans. Keep swimming towards it and again the fans will eventually shut off allowing you to get close enough to strike it. When you do, swim back again and then enter the middle path. At the end of this path is a treasure chest with a Heart Container inside.

Destroying the two globes shut down two fans which would have prevented you from proceeding further into the shrine. Swim left over the wall and then fall down into the hole. You'll be standing on top of two fans. Head left through the passage and into the next area.

Here you'll see a path that goes up and a path that goes down along with two mines floating up and down. As always, you cannot destroy the mines, so swim either up or down and destroy the globe you'll soon encounter. You must go down both paths to destroy the globes, but the order you do it in doesn't matter. Once they're destroyed, there are two fans just past the mines to the left that would have prevented you from going any further, but now you've shut them down. Swim up and follow the path into a room which contains fans, mines, and the highly useful Return magic. This magic will warp you back to the last Inn you saved at, and you'll find it to be one of the most useful spells in the game. After retrieving the magic, swim back around and sink down past the fans you turned off, following the linear path around and into the next area.

You'll see a bunch of large mermen enemies and a ton of fans lining this long passage. Defeat the enemies you encounter. They drop big coins, so they're pretty good sources of gold. At this point, the area becomes much less windy and a lot more straightforward. Just follow the path up and around in an S shape through the linear path of squid enemies, eventually leading to a path up and out of the water. When you're out of the water, you can go left to find a treasure chest containing another Elixer (or big heart, if you still have an Elixer from before) or right to proceed further into the lair. Drop back into the water when you're able to and sink all the way down to the bottom, ignoring the three passages you'll see leading off to the left.

When you're at the bottom, walk left through the passage and then go left when the wall opens up. Ignore the passage at the top and kill the big squid enemies. You'll soon be in a big chamber with fans along the walls, ceiling, and floor, and a big fish enemy will be swimming around in the room. Kill it quickly because it'll start spitting out smaller fish enemies and you might become overwhelmed by them. The fans blowing you in every direction don't help matters, either.

Once he is destroyed, the floor in the bottom left will open up. This hole will lead to Poseidon's chamber where you can meet the big man himself. Poseidon will tell you that you need to visit the Sphinx to increase your strength and that to get to him you'll have to find his pyramid on the other side of the Maugham Desert. In order to get through the hot sand, you'll need an item which is inside the shrine.

Head back left and up through the opening into the room with the fans and the big fish. Swim back around again through the tunnel that has the big squid enemies in it. When you reach the end of the passageway, swim up and through the narrow corridor. You'll see a fan directly to your left if you're going the right way. When you reach the end, swim out and into the opening directly beneath it. These are two of the passageways I told you to ignore before, if you'll recall. There is a fan here which is now turned off, allowing you access. Inside this little chamber is a treasure chest containing the Oasis Boots! With these you can walk across the hot sands of the Maugham Desert. Use your Return magic once you collect the boots to teleport yourself back to Purapril Castle.

- Purapril Castle -

Hopefully you visited the Inn at Purapril Castle like I suggested before visiting the underwater area so the Return magic takes you directly back here. If you didn't and you're in another town, make your way back to Purapril and visit the Inn again. You're about to go on another long journey.

Before you head off, there was a shop near the top left side of Purapril Castle that was never open. Go check it out now, because it's open for business and they have two things you should pick up inside! This shop is called Wanderer and it contains a Steel Shield for 2,000 gold and Excalibur for 2,500 gold. Buy Excalibur for sure, but if you can't afford the Steel Shield yet, don't worry too much about it. After you've made your purchase(s), equip them and the Oasis Boots you found in Poseidon's Shrine. You can now walk across the hot Maugham Desert. Head right out of town past the Inn and past the door you first entered the town in and you'll be at the entrance to the vast desert.

- Maugham Desert -

Here you'll encounter some of the basic snake enemies you found at the beginning of the game and some scorpions. Nothing too serious and definitely nothing you can't deal with. The scorpions shoot fireballs from their tails, so be careful of those. You can block them with your shield, though.

On the second screen of the desert you'll notice the sand flowing into a pit at the bottom of the screen. Fall into this and you'll enter an underground cavern area with some goodies in it. As you're falling, try to kill as many of the small bat enemies as you can. It will help you out in the long run if you can kill at least one or two as you're falling.

When you land, head right. Ignore the platform moving up and down for now, and continue on past the two conveyor belts. When you reach the wall, stand next to it and jump a few times to find a hidden cache of coins and a small heart. After you've collected them, head back left and use the moving platform that you walked past to go up a level. Head right when you get there and continue past more conveyors to find a treasure chest with Quake magic in it. Once you have that, head back all the way to the left and you'll be in the room you first entered with the small bats.

This part can be tricky and a bit frustrating, but you can do it! Small moving platforms will appear when you kill the small bats, so you'll have to kill them all to escape. If you killed any bats as you were falling, those are already taken care of and you don't have to worry about them. Time your jumps along with the platform movement and kill all the bats. The final bat will take you high enough that you can jump up and out of the cave and back in the outside area. Head right into the next area.

You'll soon come upon a small enclosed wall with a red brick background. Climb down the ladder or fall while holding left and open the treasure chest containing Shield magic. Continue down one more level and you'll see another ladder going down. Equip your Trident and Marine Boots here and then fall down towards the left. There's a door around here towards the right, but it doesn't lead anywhere interesting, just to a dead end.

You'll land in another water area with an indigo brick background. Swim down and carefully go under the wall while avoiding the spikes to the treasure chest which contains the Sun-Key. The Sun-Key is what will allow you access to the pyramid. After you have this, swim back out of this underwater area into the red brick background area. Climb the ladder there to the platform at its top and re-equip the Oasis Boots and Excalibur. After doing so, climb all the way out of this area and continue to head right.

You've made it to the pyramid. The door to enter the pyramid is in the center. There is an area to the left and right flanked by two ankh tiles that will have doors in them later as you find two more keys, but for now there's only one. Enter the door to the pyramid.

- The Pyramid -

The pyramid is a pretty interesting place. It has all the staples of a stereotypical pyramid. It has mummies. It has traps. It has riches. It has conveyor belts.

Start by climbing the rope directly over you all the way to the top, avoiding the arrow shooting pharaoh heads on the way up. When you reach the top, hop to the left and retrieve the Moon-Key from the treasure chest. Head right across the conveyor, being mindful of the floating ghost here. They don't do much damage, but they can be annoying to defeat because they dart away from you when you swing your sword at them. Fall off the ledge onto another conveyor below and head left. You'll see a switch on the wall like the one you encountered in the ruins by Lilypad earlier. Hop on top of it and the wall to your left will open up. Pass through the opening and walk past the conveyor on the other side, dropping into the hole.

You'll land on another conveyor belt. If you go left you'll find a treasure chest which either contains an Elixer if you've used one already or a big heart. Open this chest if you wish, and then head right. Another ghost is waiting near the end of the conveyor, so defeat it and then move forward to the switch and stand on it. The wall to your right will open. Go through the opening and navigate across the two sets of conveyor belts, being very careful with the spikes at the end of the second set. When you make it past those, drop down into the hole.

You'll land on, you guessed it, another conveyor belt. Only this time there are spikes and small mummy enemies here. Time your jumps well and jump over the spikes, striking down the mummy enemies when you approach them. After these conveyor belts is another switch to stand on, so jump onto it and the wall to your left will open. Go through this very short room and then fall into the hole. You'll be in a small one screen room with a switch. Jump on it and the floor to your right will drop down. Jump down into the hole.

When you land, you might notice a small enclosed area near the top left of the screen. To get there you'll have to enter another invisible door like the ones you encountered in the underwater areas. Position yourself directly left of the path that leads to the right and press up to enter an invisible door.

You'll be in the small enclosed room with a treasure chest containing Fire Storm magic, Quake magic, Thunder magic, Power magic, and Shield magic. Quite a haul! Go back through the door, equip the Quake magic, and then go right into the next room.

The ceiling in this room is covered in spikes and will periodically come crashing down. You have to duck to avoid being skewered, but you won't die if it hits you. Carefully make your way through the room, ducking to avoid the spikes whenever they fall. The small mummy enemies in this room will self-destruct if you wait long enough, so it's a helpful practice to let them pop on their own before moving through.

Once you're past this trapped room, you'll come across a big mummy enemy. Hit him with the Quake magic to kill him in one blow. Any big mummy you come across in this room should be dealt with by using Quake. It's the quickest way to defeat them. Once you make it through, you'll see a familiar red door. A red door which means...

You don't physically fight the Sphinx. Instead, the Sphinx will challenge you with a series of questions, "Five, to be exact." Missing too many of his questions will cost you your life, or it might create a minor inconvenience depending on how poorly you do. Of course I suggest answering them all correctly, because if you do he'll give you some Thunder magic. Not that you'll need more Thunder magic, but why not be complete?

There are a possibility of 10 different questions that the Sphinx will ask you, though you only have to answer five of them at one time. Listed below are all the possible questions along with their answers.

The answer options are mapped to the buttons on the controller, i.e., press A to answer with option A, press B to answer with option B, and press C to answer with option C. I should note that he asks you random questions and the answer order is also randomized, meaning that just because I say the answer to how much a Charmstone costs is A: 500,000, 500,000 isn't necessarily always going to be the A option when he asks you.

Remember, you are timed when he is waiting for your response. Failing to answer him fast enough will result in you missing the question. I suggest reading over the questions and answers below before attempting to take him on.

How much does a Charmstone cost?
A: 500,000
B: 50,000
C: 5,000,000

Which key do you need to enter the pyramid?
A: Sun-Key
B: Star-Key
C: Moon-Key

After defeating Gragg & Glagg, what did you receive?
A: Trident
B: Amulet
C: Lamp

What is the first type of magic you acquired?
A: Fire Storm
B: Tornado
C: Quake

What is the name of the dwarf village?
A: Liliam
B: Lilypad
C: Lollipop

Which of these items is not sold at the Wanderer weapon shop?
A: Excalibur
B: Trident
C: Steel Shield

Which of these monsters did you battle first?
A: Eleanora
B: Mecha-Dragon
C: Myconid

Which of these stores does not sell weapons?
A: Gooningle
B: Bacchus
C: Fellisimo

What is the name of the queen in the elf village?
A: Rosanna
B: Sonia
C: Eleanora

What item helped you to traverse Maugham Desert?
A: Desert Boots
B: Puss'n Boots
C: Oasis Boots

Also for completeness sake, here is what happens depending on how many questions you miss.
  • Miss 5: The Sphinx kills you.
  • Miss 4: The Sphinx kills you.
  • Miss 3: The Sphinx kicks you out of the pyramid.
  • Miss 2: The Sphinx kicks you out of the room.
  • Miss 1: The Sphinx lets you continue your journey.
  • Miss 0: The Sphinx lets you continue your journey and gives you Thunder magic.
- The Pyramid -

After defeating the Sphinx, the game will fade to black and Shion will exit a door. You'll be in a small room with a treasure chest containing the Star-Key. Grab it and then exit through the door. It will leave you in the room right before the spiked trap ceiling that had all the magic in it. Now there's a platform going up and down. Take the platform up into the previous screen and then head right across the conveyor belts and spikes back to the pyramid entrance.

When you leave the pyramid and are back in the Maugham Desert, walk right until you find a door. This door wasn't here before you entered the pyramid. Inside is the Pygmy Shield. Grab it and then exit back into the desert, only this time go left past the front door to the pyramid until you find another door that wasn't there before. Enter this door and climb the ropes all the way up to the top of the pyramid until you're in a room with two statues and a gray floating platform. Equip the Ladder Boots if you want to make the trip a bit faster. At the top, stand on the platform and press up to warp to the mountains of Begonia.

- Begonia Mountains -

You can go either left or right here, but there is a secret to the left that you should grab before heading to Begonia.

Descend the mountain here, defeating any goblins you encounter. On the next screen the music will change to the pyramid music and you'll find the edge of the cliff and a sign which warns you of the desert being below. Edge off of the cliff and hold right. You'll soon pass through a fake wall which has a treasure chest inside containing Power magic. Edge back out off of the cliff and again hold right. You'll find another fake wall with another treasure chest containing Shield magic. Walk back off of the cliff and you'll end up at the summit of the mountain, back in Maugham Desert.

- Maugham Desert -

Head left through the desert for two screens and you'll be back at the pyramid. Again, enter the far left door and climb the ropes to the top, warping yourself back to the Begonia Mountains.

- Begonia Mountains -

The ascent up the mountain is a bit more difficult than the descent, because in addition to the goblins throwing spears at you, you'll also have rogue boulders coming for you. These can be tricky to jump over, but it can be done. Careful you don't let them hit you because they can take you with them down the mountain a ways before you can break free of them. Also, the aforementioned spear throwing goblins are on a higher level than you, so any spear they send your way will go right over your shield and into your face. You can time your jumps so you deflect them with your shield, so use this technique to make your journey up the mountain a bit easier. After a few short screens you'll come to a new town.

- Begonia, the Dragon Village -

As its name implies, this town is full of dragon folk. There isn't a lot to do here at the moment as both shops and the blacksmith are closed. Go to the bottom right and enter the door to speak to the Elder Dragon. Like Poseidon, he is a larger than life NPC that sends you on a quest. This time the Elder Dragon speaks of an item called the Old Axe that is kept deep in the Ice World. He will give you a magic bracelet which will let you access the Ice World. It functions automatically, so there's no need to equip it or look for it in your items.

After speaking to him, exit the room and climb the ladders back to the entrance of the town. There is a door here that wasn't here before. Enter it and you'll end up back at Purapril Castle.

- Purapril Castle -

Back to the hub area! Before you head to the Ice World, stop by the Inn on your way out to rest and save. Afterwards, leave town through the right exit and enter the tower. Drop down to the bottom door inside and then enter the Catacombs again. This is the last time you'll have to go through here.

- The Catacombs -

Once inside the Catacombs, head right into the next screen. Jump over the pool of water which took you to the beach area by Poseidon and keep heading right. On the next screen, you'll see a path leading down that you passed by much earlier in the game. Now it's time to explore this area. Head down and follow the linear path and enter the door you encounter at the end.

The door leads to a dark area. If the area above was the Catacombs, this is the... I don't know what this is. But head left into the dark area. When you drop down to the lower level, you'll see some shimmering blocks. If you'll recall, these can be destroyed with your sword. Destroy the wall and make your way through the corridor, dispatching the large skeleton enemy on your way through. The level below this is another corridor with breakable blocks and another skeleton. You know what to do; destroy the blocks and kill the skeleton.

Finally you'll come to a much longer hall with breakable blocks and skeleton enemies. Bust your way through and kill the skeletons, but when you reach the end, don't destroy all the blocks. You'll have to carve out a little staircase here to make it up and out of this area.

Hop up the platforms and open the treasure chest containing the Elixer or a large heart. When you reach the top you'll see another chest to the left. If you equip the Marine Boots and jump from the ledge to the right you can make it with some pixel perfect timing. Otherwise you'll have to come back when you get better boots. I prefer to get it now so I don't have to come back here, so give it a shot for a while and see if you can get to it with the Marine Boots equipped. The chest contains more Quake magic, so it's no big loss if you can't get to it. Once you have the magic (or have given up for the time being) head right into the area with the purple sky.

- Ice World -

When you enter the next screen, the bracelet will emit a large fireball and destroy the seal that would have once prevented you from entering. Once it's broken, head through the ice wall and into the world itself.

There are big penguin enemies here that will belly flop and slide towards you, but they're not that threatening and are easily defeated. There are also little ghosts in Santa caps floating around that can hit you with a blast that is capable of knocking you way back, but it deals no damage. They are more of an annoyance than anything, but they give you a decent amount of gold when defeated.

Head right for several screens and defeat every enemy you encounter. Collect as much gold as you can on the way to the next town, because you're going to need it. This is the other of two times when I would suggest grinding for gold, the other being when you were saving up for the armor and boots from Lilypad earlier in the game. You need to have at least 10,000 gold when you get to Childam so you can purchase the Battle Spear. If you're feeling particularly grindy and time isn't an issue for you, I would suggest grinding for an additional 5,000 gold for the Knight Armor. It's not completely necessary, but it definitely doesn't hurt to have it on where you're going. The best way to accumulate the gold here is to walk back and forth between Childam and the entrance to Ice World until you've saved up enough. It doesn't take as long as you might think to get this much gold, especially if you've been following this guide and killing every enemy you come across.

- Childam, the Darkworld Village -

After you get 10,000 gold, head to the weapon shop called Labyrinth in the center of town. Inside you'll find some powerful and expensive equipment. The shield won't do you any good since you're here for the Battle Spear, so purchase your new spear (and armor if you chose to save for that) and then head to the shop in the top left. inside you'll see some Ceramic Boots and a health potion called Holywater. Be sure to buy this as it's only 200 gold and you'll probably need it where you're going. The Ceramic Boots are 4,000 gold and not necessary to purchase at this point. They won't help you much and they're a bit expensive after all the money you just dropped, but if you can afford it then by all means pick them up, too. Be sure to head to the Inn at this point to rest and save your game.

After leaving the Inn, visit the door directly to the right of it and visit the mystic. She'll tell you that she has heard of you and that the item you're looking for, the Old Axe, is in the ice castle just past town. She also wants to help, so she'll give you a new helper named Shabo to accompany you in the castle.

He's a pretty helpful little guy. He can toss his scythe at your enemies and deal minor damage, but he also just looks cool. Head out of here and out of town to the right and you'll be back in the ice world.

- Ice World -

Pretty short area here before the castle. After passing one screen you'll be above a pit with a lot of spikes in it and a platform rapidly moving back and forth. You have to land on this platform and stay on top of it as it carries you across the danger below. When you land on it, you'll slide all over the place, so be careful! After that it's just a short walk to the gate.

- Ice Castle -

You were told in Childam that the Ice Castle is a frightening place, and they are right. This place is the biggest place you've had to explore yet, and it's home to several tough enemies.

Take the elevator down to the next level and then go right, dropping down into the hole. You'll be in a lower area of the castle which has a few tricks you'll need to do in order to proceed. Once you land, head left over the spikes and destroy the purple beast statue in the corner. A platform will appear and allow you a stepping stone to go up. Use your new stepping stone to go up and when you reach the top you'll see a rope coming out of a hole in the wall. Jump up to it and grab it, and you'll discover that it's actually a switch that changes the position of the wall to the right. Jump back off of this rope and head through the opened passage.

After sliding down the small slope, you'll land in a small enclosed pit with another beast statue. Destroy it as you did before and the blocks around and under you will begin to fall. This will allow you access to the right, which you wouldn't have been able to get to before. After the floor drops, head right, using the vine to get up to the icy platforms. Proceed up them and climb the slope to the left to get up on the stationary platform. When you land on the moving platform you'll slide all over the place, so prepare yourself. Once you get across the gap, go into the next area.

You'll soon come to a slope which will probably whisk you away if you don't grab hold of the vine that's there. If you fall, hold right and you'll land safely, as there is a bed of spikes directly underneath the vine. You need to head right anyway, so falling and holding right is the quickest way to get to the bottom. Kill any yeti enemies that get in your way and follow the path up, then use the small stepping stones to get to another rope coming from the wall. This one will raise an ice wall that was blocking your path right after you entered the room. Once you hear the sound of the ice wall moving, head back down and go all the way left. The yetis here are problematic because they'll throw big ice cubes at you and overwhelm you. Once you get past them, climb the vine up to a platform and then climb the next vine up and jump through the now open wall to the right. Inside you'll see a platform moving up and down. Jump on it, and when it reaches its peak, jump again to get launched into the next area.

Jump across the gap and head right, taking the elevator up. When it stops, equip your Quake magic.

This room is tricky, and it can be extremely irritating. You'll encounter the yeti enemies again as well as large, hopping beasts. The floor is also very slippery, so you'll have to take your time walking through the room while defeating enemies or you'll crash into them.

Carefully walk all the way left and you'll come to a ladder. Climb up it to the next level. Here is where using your Quake magic will help you. There are gaps between the platforms that you have to have enough speed built up by walking to jump across. On the other side is usually a cleverly placed enemy that will knock you back to the lower levels. As you've built up speed and have jumped the gap, if there's an enemy on the other side, quickly hit them with the Quake magic in mid-air. It will kill them in one hit and you can safely land on the other side. Once you've cleared the gap, keep your speed down and climb the ladder at the end of the path.

Here you'll see a few platforms leading up and over to a room. Make a short detour and enter this room, opening the treasure chest inside and getting the Pygmy Boots. With that, you now have all of the pygmy equipment. If you haven't put it together yet, pygmy means "small," so this equipment is clearly tiny equipment that you can only equip when you're... small. After getting this item, head back into the previous room and keep going left.

Again, carefully walk through here so you don't crash into enemies. You'll quickly come to a ladder and a door. Go inside and follow the path down to an enormous bear enemy. It's not a boss, but it's unique like one. It is easily defeated by jumping and striking it in the belly with your spear. Once it's gone, a vine will appear to the right. Climb up it and open the treasure chest halfway up to retrieve the Blue-Gem. Climb the next vine up and go back through the door you came in.

Drop off the ledge with the door and defeat the yeti. Build up your speed and be ready with the Quake magic, then jump across another gap. There's a beast enemy on the other side of the gap, so be aware of it. There's another ladder and door here, so climb up and go inside.

This room is the same idea as the last, only the enemy in this one is an enormous version of the beast enemy you've been encountering. Like the bear, it's no match for you and you can easily defeat it. Climb the vine that appears and open the treasure chest that's there to find the Gold-Gem. Continue climbing and then go back through the door you came in.

Continue going left, building up speed and jumping the gap. Use the small platforms on the other side to get up to the room that leads out to the left. Inside this room is a Heart Container. Grab it and then head out. Fortunately you don't have to clear the gap by building up speed this time. You can make the jump by leaping from the rightmost platform here. Climb the ladder that led to the chamber with the Gold-Gem and continue right past the door. At the end are some platforms leading up. Jump to them and then jump up out of the screen into the next area.

When you enter this area, there's what looks like the outline of a door in the center of the screen. Head either right or left, jumping across the tiny platforms until you find a crest in the wall with an indention in it. Stand in front of it and press up and Shion will place one of the colored gems you just acquired. Once you've done that, head the other direction you didn't go and place the other gem. After both gems have been placed, a door will appear where the door outline was in the center of the room. Go back to it and enter the door.

You'll be in a room with another elevator going down. Before you go down, equip your Thunder magic and the Holywater you bought from Childam. After doing so, take the elevator down to the boss room.

This fight can be extremely difficult if you didn't grab the Battle Spear from Childam. Fortunately you have it, so you won't have too much trouble. By equipping the magic and the Holywater, you are prepared for the worst.

The Ice Bomber will crash into the room and start flying backwards. There are icy platforms that lead around the room as it flies by at a rapid pace, and you need to get up them so you're on the level of the Ice Bomber's head. Striking him in the head with your spear is the only way to defeat him.

If the Ice Bomber gets enough time to catch his breath, he'll make the face like he's blowing and then he'll shoot out a few strange bubble enemies at you. If you see him make this face, quickly shock him with the Thunder magic as it will cancel out his attack. If he does it again before you can get back to him, hit him again with it. You should have plenty of Thunder magic at this point so don't be afraid to use it.

Keep your footing on the platforms and stay on him, striking him with your spear as much as you can. If you've prevented him from doing his bubble attack you'll have no trouble with this fight, but if things go wrong you'll be in for a terrible time.

Once you defeat him he'll drop a pretty decent amount of gold and, more importantly, the Old Axe. Grab your treasure and then go through the door that appears to head back to Childam.

- Childam, the Darkworld Village -

Head back to the item shop and buy another Holywater if you used it in the Ice Castle. Otherwise, just press up in front of the door you entered Childam through from the Ice Palace to head back to Purapril Castle.

- Purapril Castle -

Now we have a new door in the hub world that is Purapril Castle. Visit the Inn to rest and save your progress, then go back through the door leading to Begonia, which is the door left of the Sundry shop.

- Begonia, the Dragon Village -

Head down and talk to the Elder Dragon if you want, but it's not necessary right now because we're going to go on a bit of a side quest here. Head right out of town and enter the small house that's right when you enter the screen. The dragon inside will tell you that you must have all of the pygmy equipment in order to enter the volcano. We will be entering the volcano in a bit, but for now we have important things to do. Enter the door and Shion will land on a platform that makes him super tiny. After your transformation, head out of here and out of the village and into the Begonia Mountains. Be aware, if you visit an Inn in pygmy form you will revert back to your normal size.

- Begonia Mountains -

Pygmy Shion has very poor striking distance with his tiny sword, but you'll have to make due with it. Head all the way through the Begonia Mountains until you reach the twin statues. When you reach them, stand between them, press up, and warp yourself back to the pyramid.

- The Pyramid -

Drop all the way back down to the lowest level. You can see the switch you stood on when you were here earlier to drop the floor out over on the right. There is a small gap between the ceiling here and the floor. Walk through it, then stand on the platform to drop the floor again. This is the room where you acquired all the magic earlier. Again, there is a gap to the left you can walk through. Go through it and drop down to see a series of doors. Before you enter any of them, walk through the fake wall on the left to find a hidden room with a Heart Container inside. Now go back and enter the first door on the left.

When you enter, you'll be in a big room with a lot of pits. Use the image below to help you open every treasure chest. One of them contains the mythical Charmstone, an item which is always prohibitively expensive. Any door you enter will take you back to the main hall of doors. Simply re-enter the first door to be where you need to be to access the other chests.

After opening all of them, leave the pyramid the same way you entered it by climbing the ropes and using the twin statues to warp yourself back to the Begonia Mountains.

Real quick, about that Charmstone. This one is given to you for free, but more can be purchased in Purapril Castle for an outrageous 500,000 gold from the Sundry shop. These stones can be traded to a secret man in Purapril Castle for a Heart Container or more magic. If you happen to miss a Heart Container while using this guide, you can use a Charmstone to replace it. Finding a Heart Container after you're at max hearts will just give you a big heart.

Near the end of the game you can save up the 500,000 gold by killing blue demon enemies to buy another stone for more magic, but it's certainly not necessary and frankly not recommended. It's not worth the time. You'd probably have to grind for gold for at least 30 minutes to gather enough to buy one.

You can find the hidden man in Purapril Castle by opening a hidden door behind the ivy on the lower level by the exit. Position yourself where the image on the right shows and press up to find the secret room.

You'll have all the hearts if you follow this guide, so unless you save up for the second Charmstone, you'll probably never have need to enter this room.

- Begonia Mountains -

As it was before, the climb up Begonia Mountains is a lot more difficult than the descent. The goblins will take four strikes from your Pygmy Sword to defeat, so you'll have a bit of a fight on your hands as you make your way back up to town. Shion can easily jump over the boulders if they come at him, though.

- Begonia, the Dragon Village -

We're done here for now. Use the door to head back to Purapril Castle.

- Purapril Castle -

Head down to the bottom left of town and take the door to Lilypad.

- Lilypad, the Dwarf Village -

Exit town through the right and re-enter the ruins.

- The Ruins -

Go left and climb down the ladder to the room where the big boulder chased you. When you get off of the ladder, enter the small passageway to your left. You'll find a tiny door inside which contains a treasure chest with a Heart Container inside. Leave the ruins, go back through the Lilypad door to Purapril Castle, then take the door from Purapril back to Begonia. The side quest is over!

- Begonia, the Dragon Village -

Stop by the Inn first because you've probably suffered some damage on your little quest. Afterwards, visit the Elder Dragon in the bottom right door. He'll congratulate you on acquiring the Old Axe and that the blacksmith will give you more details. He'll also let you take his grandson with you into the volcano. After the egg rolls out and the dragon hatches from it, leave this room. This little guy can breathe fire and stun enemies you encounter.

You can visit the blacksmith if you want, but he just tells you that he still needs an item called the Fire-Urn to do anything. Head out of town to the right and re-enter the house that makes you small. Once you've become pygmy Shion, exit the house and go right, jumping up the side of the mountain until you come to a small door.

- The Volcano -

The volcano is a great place for gold, and it's not too difficult. It's possible to get turned around in here if you're not careful even though it's just a back and forth path through it, so watch out. The first thing after entering the volcano is to jump down into the pit. You'll land with only one direction you can go because a stone wall is preventing you from going the other way, so head left.

You will pass through many rooms which look similar to this one, all constructed slightly differently but bearing the same basic design. Make your way through the room killing any fire men enemies you encounter, making sure to open the treasure chest containing Power magic. At the end of the room is a switch you can stand on, so jump on top of it and you'll open the stone door you saw when you first entered the volcano. Head back across the room and into the next and you'll be able to pass through to the right now.

The big snake enemies are a huge pain and can overwhelm you with their attacks. They're fast and you don't have much reach at all with your little sword. Additionally, the big snake enemies will leap towards you to attack. They sometimes drop big hearts that will completely replenish your life, though.

Kill the big snake and go right across the suspicious block covering up a path leading down. In the next room, it's the same story as before. This time, in addition to the fire men enemies, you'll encounter phoenix enemies which rise from the lava. They don't drop nearly as much gold as the fire men, but be sure to kill everything because you'll need as much gold as you can get.

Ride the platform across the lava to the other side. If you fall into the lava you'll take damage but it won't kill you. It's like the bubbling swamp you passed through in the jungle on the way to Lilypad earlier. At the end of this room is another switch you can stand on, so stand on it and head all the way back to where you saw the suspicious block. It's now gone, so jump down into the hole.

After landing on the ground below, you'll see another stone wall keeping you from going left, so go right into the next room. This chamber is a bit more difficult than the others you have gone through, but it's not anything you can't handle. Proceed right through the room and you'll soon come to three platforms moving up and down along with another new enemy, the fire snake! These enemies are more trouble than they're worth, so I prefer to just run past them if I can, even if it means having to run through the lava to do it. When you come to the switch, stand on it and it will raise the stone wall you saw in the previous room. Go back across the room and through where the stone wall was. Another big snake waits for you on the other side. Kill it and continue left.

There's just some jumping across lava pits in this room and no moving platforms, which is nice. At the end of the room is a switch, so stand on it and it will make a platform appear in the previous room leading up. Before you go, however, jump into the lava directly to the left of the switch. You'll know it's the right one if it has a fire snake that comes from it. You'll fall through it and end up in a secret room with a treasure chest containing a Heart Container. Grab it and then go through the door. It will take you back to the room where you just made the platform. Jump on the platform and ride it up. Once more you'll see a stone wall to the right keeping you from going any further, so head left.

More fire men and phoenix enemies lurk in this room, but it's no different than the other rooms you've passed through. Stand on the switch at the end and it will open the stone wall you passed by earlier. After doing so, head back there and go through it, killing the big snake and entering the door on the other side.

You'll finally be somewhere that looks a bit different. Go right past the ladder, as climbing down it will usually result in getting attacked by two big snakes. Climb down the second ladder you see and go left. The door to the right surrounded by breakable blocks will just lead you out. A fire snake will come out of the lava at you, and this one you might have to kill if it doesn't leave you alone. You'll come to a small platform in between the one you're on and another one to the left. The platform in the center is actually a hidden switch, and when you stand on it and it lowers, the blocks on the path above you will turn into breakable blocks. Head right and back up the first ladder, then head left towards the two snakes.

Once you cut your way through your snake enemies, now cut your way through the breakable blocks. You'll come to a treasure chest which contains either an Elixer or a big heart. Fall off the ledge at the end and enter the door to find yourself in a short hallway with a fire man in it and the red boss door. Have your health potion equipped if you don't already and enter the red door.

The Tyrant Dragon is pretty big, but he's really not that menacing. He'll stomp around the room jumping once in a while and breathing fire breath at you or just vaguely into the room. You can block the fire breath with your shield if it comes your way, so when he does it just stand firm and deflect it.

His weak point is his head, of course. The Pygmy Sword offers pathetic reach, so this boss is more difficult than he should be because you have to get right up on him to hit him. Jump up and get him in the face with your weapon and after a handful of strikes he'll explode into precious money bags. More importantly, he'll leave behind a treasure chest which has the item inside you came here for in the first place: The Fire-Urn. With that, you can now have the Legend Sword forged from the blacksmith in Begonia! Take your new treasure and then exit through the door which appears.

- Begonia, the Dragon Village -

Head down to the lower right of town and speak to the blacksmith. You'll hand over the Fire-Urn and he can now begin constructing a weapon for you. Go visit the nearby Elder Dragon and he'll tell you that "the deciding battle is now at hand." You can hear the blacksmith hammering away in the background, which I think is a nice touch. After he finishes talking to you, go back to the blacksmith and receive the Legend Sword. Congratulations! You now have the most powerful weapon in the game. Equip it immediately.

Go to the lower left part of town and buy a Hi-Potion for 5,000 gold. This is the most powerful healing medicine in the game, and it will replenish your entire life bar. Now go to the upper right part of town and visit the armor shop. Inside you'll find Flame Armor for 10,000 gold and a Flame Shield for 8,000 gold. Buy both if you can, but if not you should be okay. Equip whatever you bought and then head back through the door leading to Purapril Castle.

- Purapril Castle -

Back in Purapril Castle, be sure to visit the Inn to rest and save your progress. Exit the Inn and go right back into the tower you climbed back at the beginning of the game. At the top, go left and you'll find Princess Purapril standing in front of a bell tower. The bell tower has the same insignia on it as your sword, so with your sword equipped, stand beneath the bell tower and press up to warp to a new area.

You're in the final stretch of the game now.

- Dark Castle -

Teleporting from the bell tower will take you to an identical bell tower in the clouds. To your left is an impenetrable electric barrier, so you'll have to head right for now.

First thing you'll see when you enter the next screen is a treasure chest up high. Head right across a series of clouds until you reach one that is moving up and down. Hop on it and ride it to the top, then head back left. When you reach the end you can either make a blind leap off of the cloud to land on the platform with the chest or you can walk off of the cloud and continue to hold left. Inside the treasure chest is another Heart Container, so grab it and then fall off the cloud and continue right across the clouds to the brick stairs.

Ascend the stairs and defeat any of the knight enemies that come across your path. They have an annoying way to attack you by jumping wildly around you, but they're not very strong at all. At the top you'll come to the entryway to the castle itself.

Fans of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap might recognize this first area as where Wonder Boy III started. In order to navigate through it, you'll have to go certain directions or you won't be able to proceed. Think of some of the castles in Super Mario Bros. or the Lost Woods in the Legend of Zelda for other examples of what I'm talking about.

When you enter, head right and drop down into the first hole you come to. When you land, head right. You'll know you're going the correct way because there are big bat enemies hanging from the ceiling. Climb the chain you come to, then on the next screen head right. Again, you'll know you're going the right way because you can see a big bat hanging from the ceiling. Climb the chain you come to and then on the next screen head left. You can see a blue demon enemy standing right on the border of the screen, so that's the correct direction to go. These enemies give more gold than any other regular enemy in the game, so if you need to stock up on money, farm these things. Climb the chain when you come to it, then on the next screen head right. Ignore the hole on the ground and go over it, continuing to kill the blue demon enemies you encounter. When you come to a chain, climb it.

Now you're out of the maze part and you'll see some girders to your left as you climb the chain. At the top is a cart which will automatically take off at high speeds when you land on it. As it quickly soars left, be ready to duck under two stone formations with spikes underneath them. Once past them, the cart will bounce off of the wall and head down to a lower level, soon taking you do a treasure chest. When you get to the chest, walk off of the cart and open the treasure chest to receive the Legend Boots. Equip them and follow the path back left and then drop down to the lower level when you can. There is a chain to the far left that you can't get to without the cart, so ignore this for now and go right. When you get to the end of this platform, fall off the girder and go left into the corner. Position yourself exactly where the following image shows and press up.

You'll appear in a room that will turn you into your pygmy form! Exit the room and then head right, falling back down a level into the hallway with the blue demons. This time it would be best to just jump over them. Head right again and then climb the chain when you come to it and you'll be back in the room with the cart. Ride it but stay on it this time until you get to the place where the chain went up that you couldn't reach before. While standing on the cart, you can make the jump up to the platform and then to the chain. Climb it into the next screen.

Jump and grab the rope hanging from the gear to ride it across the spikes, then jump off it and grab onto the next rope to ride it across the pit. You'll find a treasure chest with either an Elixer or a big heart in it. Now walk left off of the ledge and you'll find another screen with a treasure chest in it. This one contains the Legend Armor! Now take a look to your left and you'll see a small opening under the wall. Walk underneath it to grab the final Heart Container. Enter the door to your left and it will take you to the other side of the wall where you grabbed the Elixer or big heart. Enter the door to the far right and you'll enter a room which will make Shion normal size again. Once you exit you'll be up above the lower door and can now get to the chain, so go ahead and climb it.

At the top of the chain, head right into the next room and you'll see a bunch of the squid enemies you fought underwater. Enter your menu and equip the Legend Armor you just got and your Thunder magic. You can kill all of the squids on the screen in one shot with Thunder magic, so either kill them with your sword or do all of them in at once with your magic. Once they're out of the way, grab the rope and ride it up top. When both squid enemies near the top, hit them with your Thunder to kill them. Hop off and open the chest to receive the final legendary equipment piece, the Legend Shield. Equip it, then drop back down off of the ledge.

Continue right, killing any squids you come to. Ride the second rope up top and again be ready to use your Thunder magic on the enemies. If they hit you while you're on the rope, Shion will drop off of the rope and you'll have to leave the screen and come back to reset the position of the rope. With your enemies out of the way, hop off and enter the door along the right side of the screen. Enter the short series of doors you come to and then climb the chain.

Here you have to contend with two large skeleton enemies. Their weakness is their head, so you'll have to jump and hit them to inflict any damage on them. If you wish, you can use your Power magic on them to increase your damage output. Otherwise just keep striking them. Sometimes you can hit them to the point where they're both occupying the same space, so your hits will damage both of them at the same time. Once you kill them, a chain will appear on the right side of the screen. Climb it to fight another large enemy.

When you enter the room, a big purple dragon will rush at you from the left side of the screen. He breathes fire if you stick around long enough, but you'll probably kill him pretty fast. When you near the center of the room he will rush in at you, so just start hitting him with your sword, timing your hits so you more or less stun him and deny him a chance to attack. He'll go down in no time at all and then a door will appear. Before you enter, be sure you still have your Thunder magic equipped. Also, read the next paragraph before you enter.

This screen is extremely challenging and can be very frustrating. The platforms you stand on will begin to fall if you stay on them for too long, and when you jump off of it, the platform will teleport to another location. You have to use the teleporting platforms to navigate the room. Falling into the screen below will force you to fight the purple dragon again, which isn't difficult, but it can be tedious if you keep failing.

When you enter, immediately use your Thunder magic to kill the snake on the right side of the room. Jumping from platform to platform will lead them up. When they reach the top, one of them will slide over to the right. Jump to it, then ride it down along the wall. Soon you'll have to make a leap from it to the area where the green snake was. Jump when you have the chance, and the platforms will teleport and lead you up and right, and then left straight across. When you reach that point, the platforms will teleport and lead you back up and right, and then in a pattern too difficult to convey through text. By this point, however, you should have the mechanics down and can get through it with no problem. Eventually the platforms will lead you to the top left corner of the room to a rope attached to a gear. It will carry you across the room and over to the boss door. That's right. There's still a boss.

With a name like that you're probably expecting the final battle or at least the toughest battle yet. While this boss does pose quite a threat with his ability to overwhelm you with attacks, he's really not that difficult. He does have three forms, which is a first in this game.

The first form, what appears to be a rabbit, isn't too tough. Use the same tactics on it you have used so often before, i.e., slash it in the head until it dies. Or in this case, detaches from the armored body and begins flying around the top of the screen dropping fireballs on you! Immediately, a new head will grow in its place, and this time it's an insect head. Attack it with your sword or use some Power magic if you want (though you might want to save it) until it too detaches from the armored body. The insect head will sprout legs and scurry along the walls and ceiling at a high speed, crashing into you if you happen to be in its way. Finally, a demon head will appear, and now you have two other enemies on the screen attacking you as well. At this point, I would suggest using your Power magic. Like all other forms here, you have to jump and strike it in the head to deal damage. Always be ready with one of your health potions in case things start to look grim.

Eventually you will defeat this fearsome beast and discover that it is actually the prince of DarkWorld, which if you'll recall is the ice area you visited before. You get no gold from winning and no item reward, but you did do a good deed by freeing the prince from his curse.

After you are victorious and have been teleported away from the castle, you'll find yourself back at the bell tower in the clouds. The electric barrier to the left is now gone, but before you go, head back down to Purapril Castle.

- Purapril Castle -

Visit the Inn to rest and save your progress. It would be awful to have to go through that entire castle again just because you died at the next part. If you need to, head back to Begonia to purchase a Hi-Potion. You will absolutely need a health potion for the next part.

After you finish getting visiting the Inn and purchasing a healing potion, climb back up the tower and use the bell tower to once again teleport to the heavens. There isn't a point of no return in this game, but this is potentially the last time you'll be in Purapril Castle. Take in the scenery one last time before you save the world.

- Dark Castle -

Head left when you arrive and enter an elevator which will take you up, up, up, and up some more. Exit the elevator and enter the room to discover a strange futuristic pod. Hop inside it and a dome will descend down onto it and blast you off into...

- Outer Space -

You are now in Biomeka's fortress, and it's time for a little boss rush. You have to take on the Myconid, Gragg & Glagg, the Ice Bomber, and the Tyrant Dragon. You can do them in any order you choose, and with the Legend Sword in hand, you'll make extremely short work of them. This is probably just to showcase how powerful this weapon really is, as you'll be defeating these bosses in a few strikes.

Climb up or down the ladder before you and then follow the linear path down the corridor to the boss room. I'm not going to tell you any strategies here as you'll have the bosses defeated with ease. Once you defeat all four bosses, climb the ladder in the center of the main hallway. At the top is a door, and behind it is the most difficult boss fight in the game by far. Make certain you have Power magic and the Hi-Potion equipped, as well as all the legend equipment before you enter the door. Use Return magic if you want to save your progress since you defeated the bosses in the boss rush. In fact, that would probably be a pretty good idea because you will die during this fight. If you don't, then color me surprised.

Upon entering the chamber, you will see a huge mechanical creature sitting on the right side of the room. It will begin blasting you with energy bolts and quickly take your health down to nothing. This is a scripted event, so don't worry. At the last second, the prince of DarkWorld will teleport in and mock you. He'll take a running charge at the boss and destroy the cannon that was troubling you. Your hearts will then replenish and the real fight will begin.

Small guns will come into the room and travel along the rails. They will shoot at you as you attack Biomeka's weak point, the blue section of its helmet. Save your Power magic and keep striking the blue visor. Eventually the helmet will dissolve and you'll get to see the cycloptic creature underneath that has been causing so much havoc. Prepare yourself; it's about to get really bad.

The floor underneath you will turn into a conveyor belt, forcing you directions you're not wanting to go. It can fling you into Biomeka and damage you, or it can carry you into the huge buzz saw which is moving back and forth across the conveyor. All this is happening at the same time the guns on the rails above fire at you.

Watch your health very closely, as you can suffer an enormous amount of damage very quickly. Use your Power magic to deal more damage to his exposed eye, switching to your Shield magic if you happen to run out. Truthfully, you probably won't run out of Power magic, as one of you will be dead. Use your Hi-Potion when your health gets too low.

If you manage to survive this incredibly difficult encounter, then congratulations! You have just finished Wonder Boy in Monster World! Sit back and watch the credits and ending.

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