Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nerd World Problems: State of the Condition

Do people not want nice things? What kind of home do these trashed games come from? You'd think paying so much for games would make people show a little respect for them and keep them in nice shape, but I guess not.

Why is it so difficult to find used games whose cases aren't completely thrashed? It doesn't matter which system it is you're looking at. If the games are used, there's a great chance that the cases the games come in are in a state of disrepair.

PlayStation 2 games... fine. I get it. They're getting pretty old. I don't expect every PlayStation 2 game I encounter in the wild to come in a pristine case. However, even recent release Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 cases typically look very rough. Unfortunately in the 360's case, you also have to worry about punctures in the insert due to their use of eco cases. PlayStation 3 thankfully doesn't use these cases, but that doesn't make them exempt from damage. There are also a lot of games out there that have dents in the insert where someone has snapped it shut by pushing on the empty part where the instruction manual clip is.

I think this used to belong to Video Elite.
Most game cases I find are scuffed up very badly. In the case of Wii games, the white cases are usually pretty dirty and are beyond saving. Buying a used Wii game is more than likely going to require you to replace the case outright. DS cases are becoming rare for whatever reason. I usually see little bins full of loose DS cards in them at pawn shops to rummage through. GameStop throwing away the cases for used games doesn't help matters much, either. I also see a lot of loose UMDs and, inexplicably, Vita cards tossed into these bins, too.

You've always had people not caring about the cases for disc-based media (putting PlayStation games in a CD binder, anyone?) but it seems like now more than ever people just don't care about the way these things look. There are a lot of generic cases floating around out there that just have the name of the game scribbled on them in marker. What happened to the original case?

Big Box 'o Blasphemy™
A pawn shop I frequent put all their SNES sports games in a box and scribbled marker all over the ends of them. Granted, these are worthless sports games no one would want, but I still don't like the idea of mass-defacing a bunch of games, even if they are sports games. I think the same thing when I see someone on Etsy gutting copies of Super Mario World and turning them into a garish belt buckle. There's a finite number of these things. We don't need to start destroying them deliberately.

I see games all the time at the pawn shop with GameStop stickers on them. Why not remove these and make the games look at least a little nicer? The first thing I do when I buy a game like this is remove those stickers and use Goo Gone to get the residue off. If the case isn't in great shape, I replace the case entirely with a brand new one. I have a box full of brand new Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii game cases that I use to replace the ones from used games I buy. I understand not everyone is me and has access to these, but still... take care of your stuff, people. It's not that hard to not destroy your games or the cases (which they're meant to be kept in).

Then again, I guess I'm not one to talk. I myself don't care about the boxes for older games. If the box is cardboard, I don't care if the game comes with it. I never encounter games that still have them anyway. Plastic cases for disc based games, however, are not cardboard and I feel are meant to be kept. There being so many out there that don't is very strange to me.

Remove those stickers!
These are definitely nerd world problems, though.

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