Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DOOMsday: Week 8

It's Tuesday, and that means that it's DOOMsday again! I'm running out of levels that I would call "playable," but here are three that are at least... somewhat decent. Just don't have your hopes set too high on these. They're so "meh" that I have posted three levels this week instead of two.

Lazer Runner
Level Name: lzrruner.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: No

Back in the mid-90s there was a laser tag arena at a local mall. It was pretty cool at the time and there was nothing else quite like it. My friends and I went there several times and played in the arena. I thought it would make an interesting deathmatch level, so I recreated the layout to the best of my memory. In fact, the last time I went there before it closed down I paid more attention to the layout than actually playing the game.

This level takes place entirely within the arena and the lobby. The window to the right looks out into the mall. It looks pretty desolate, yes, but that's pretty much what that mall looks like today. I always strive for accuracy.

Download Lazer Runner Level

Jim Deathmatch!
Level Name: jimdm!.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: Yes

I'm not really sure why this is called Jim Deathmatch. I'm pretty sure this was another idea my friend Jim had that I made a level out of. Truthfully, it's not a great level. There's a reason I put off posting it so long, and it's not because it's one of the best.

This level is four rooms joined by a staircase. In the center of them is an open area with a rocket launcher. It's a pretty straightforward level.

Download Jim Deathmatch! Level

Level Name: gonad.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: No

A friend of mine hated this level. Guess it wasn't much fun! Here you go, internet!

Download Gonad Level

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