Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DOOMsday: Week 7

I've been saving these levels. Here are two of my most played deathmatch levels I have created, as well as an unfinished remake of the first one and the beginnings of a very unfinished fourth level. It's go time!

House (Director's Cut)
Level Name: housedc.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: Yes

True, this level doesn't live up to the architecture I would do in later levels, but this early deathmatch level of mine saw tremendous play with my friends and myself.

This is the "director's cut" of this level, which is normally referred to as House Deathmatch, or HouseDM. It differs from the original version in several ways:

  • There is a hidden balcony area behind the teleporter on the second floor.
  • There are better aligned textures than what was in the original (but they're still not perfect).
  • New sky texture.
  • Doors are thinner and open quickly instead of slowly like the default.
  • A few more secret areas and "typing rooms" hidden through the level.
My friends and I played this level so much and had tons of fun with it. Does it still hold up? Hard to say. Give it a shot anyway, though!

Download House (Director's Cut) Level

House Deathmatch 3
Level Name: housedm3.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: Yes

So you might be wondering where House Deathmatch 2 is. Well, it's not worth mentioning. House Deathmatch 2 was a very small level which was supposed to be a guest house on the property. It didn't have any secrets and it definitely wasn't much fun.

This, however, is pretty good. House Deathmatch 3 checks all the boxes that made the first one great and then some. There is an outside area with a silo you can go into. There is a non-functional elevator running through the house that can take you from the second floor to the basement in an instant. There are nice lighting effects and construction that is easy on the eyes.

This level is not to be missed!

Download House Deathmatch 3 Level

House DX
Level Name: housedx.wad
Level Type: N/A (level is incomplete)
New Textures: No

This was the last level I was working on when I got a new computer and found my level editor didn't work on it. Shame, too. This level was shaping up very nicely. It was a very ambitious undertaking, but I feel like it would have ended up being a super level!

This was basically a remaster of the original level with new areas and secrets. It has a much more open atmosphere and was planned to actually have furniture in the living room area this time around. In this version, you can go outside the house and explore there, but it's unfinished like the rest of the level. There is a new area in the basement where the maids or servants quarters are located. The basement also got a complete overhaul.

There are other cool areas to explore, too. There is now a bathroom, an office, and a garage area. You can also find a nice meat locker area where you can actually get inside the refrigerator!

Really disappointing that this one was never finished. I guess I could finish all of these if I would just learn how to use another editor.

Download House DX Level

House Deathmatch 4
Level Name: housedm4.wad
Level Type: N/A (level is unfinished)
New Textures: No

This was to be the beginning of the fourth entry in the House Deathmatch series, but I stopped working on it very quickly in favor of working on the remake, which... also isn't finished. It's only a few rooms and is barely worth posting at all, but I figured this would be the best time to present it.

Download House Deathmatch 4 Level

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