Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DOOMsday: Week 5

Today I'm posting two more Doom levels for your enjoyment! The first one is a pretty decent deathmatch level and the second is an awesome single player level that is not to be missed!

Level Name: dream.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: Yes

This level is actually based off of a dream I had. The starting point and the waterfall areas are both parts of this dream. The level features an open area in the middle between the opposing player starting points that is good for rocket launching. I think the construction in this wad is pretty good, too. It's definitely not my best work, but it holds up.

Download Dream Level

Covert Mission
Level Name: covert.wad
Level Type: Single Player
New Textures: Yes

This is one of my favorite levels that I have made. It's why I held off so long with posting it. This level is a single player map where you have to sneak around covertly to succeed. Going in guns blazing is a bad idea, as you're only given a pistol with very limited ammo.

All of the enemies typically have their backs turned to you when you enter rooms, and a lot of them are deaf so they can't hear you shooting. Also, the sound effect for the pistol has been replaced with a silencer sound! The music is from Metal Gear, which was the inspiration for this level, actually.

You have to enter three different areas and retrieve three keys to unlock the exit. Make your way through the well, the quarry, and the wood mill and get the necessary items to open the room with the switch that opens the exit door. It's a lot of fun!

Download Covert Mission Level


Covert Mission 2
Level Name: covert2.wad
Level Type: N/A (level is unfinished)
New Textures: No

This is a very small unfinished level of what was supposed to be the sequel to Covert Mission. I never got anywhere in it other than a few rooms, but it was shaping up nicely. Maybe one day I will be able to work on it again and finish it!

In this level you infiltrate a base through the sewer system. That's about as far as the idea got, but it has some nice designs in it. It's presented here as a companion to Covert Mission.

Download Covert Mission 2 Level

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