Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DOOMsday: Week 4

I've got two pretty decent levels for you to try out today. The first one is based off of an idea a friend of mine had once and the other is a collaboration between myself and three of my friends! Definitely give these a shot!

Level Name: posse.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: Yes

This level was pretty interesting. The level has a hub area with four branching paths off of it. At the end of each hall is an area created by either me or one of three friends of mine. The idea was that you had to finish your area in 24 hours and then you were to send it to the next person. I also made the hub area. It didn't count towards my 24 hour time limit.

My friend Jim made the textures featured in his area as well as the title cards that introduce each area. One of the areas in this level was made by my friend Brett Elston, who now works at Capcom! Also, Josh Fosse is me. I had my name changed in my early 20s.

Download Posse Level

Jim's Idea
Level Name: jimsidea.wad
Level Type: Deathmatch
New Textures: Yes

Once I asked my friend Jim (the same Jim that made the textures in the Posse level) if he had any ideas for a deathmatch level because I was running low on ideas. He described two buildings separated by a fence and you shoot at each other from a distance. It's not as good as it could be! It's kind of difficult to hit your enemy from so far away. In retrospect, I should have put the buildings closer together. I think that might have helped.

Download Jim's Idea Level

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